You may soon be paying on Amazon using selfies

You may be soon making payments online using selfies. In a recent move,Amazon says it wants its users to be able to authorize a transaction with a selfie. Woahh.. so now you’ll have to make ensure you’re looking decent while shopping online!

So this all comes from Amazon’s patent application for this technology. Filed recently, it describes using a camera to identify a user using facial recognition and then verifying that they are real by asking them to perform an action, like blinking eyes.

The patent further talks about the need for improved security around these electronic systems that allow you to purchase items with one click. It is possible to get someone’s password to his or her Amazon account where you can go on a buying spree, but with this selfie way of making payments which will use facial recognition, it would be a lot harder for hackers and thieves to use your accounts.

Amazon also describes the annoyance of typing in passwords on mobile devices that have small touch keyboards. Being able to take a picture and tilt your head to one side to verify that you are real could be a lot easier than typing in a super-secure password rife with capital letters, numbers and symbols.

Not a long ago, MasterCard had announced they are rolling out their own “selfie pay” that allows MasterCard holders to make mobile payments using facial recognition technology.

[Source:- Businessinsider]