how can you offer your pupils a new and exciting playtime experience – each and every playtime?

Each pupil has their preferred playtime activity – talking, playing football, reading, or joining in with whatever the latest craze is in the playground. But for some, there is only so much talking, playing football, reading, and joining in with the latest craze that they can do.

Which is why Edventure has devised a Playground Pack, complete with 2D Boules, Big Hand Tennis, Catchtails, Cats Cradle, Flipsticks, Foam Flyers, French Skipping, Hoop a Peg, Koosh Balls, a Scoop Set, Plastic Stilts, a Shuttleball, Skipping Ropes, Soft Wall Balls, a Starball, a Springy Ball Game, and Twirling Ribbons.

So that you can offer your pupils a new, exciting, and varied playtime experience (each and every playtime) and create an environment where a different kind of learning takes place as they practise to perfect and broaden their skill sets.

Furthermore, we have also produced a free downloadable Game Guide to Starball so your lunchtime supervisors can be confident in introducing the new game to your pupils.

[Source:- Ukeducationnews]