How to Create Content that Drives Web Traffic

Creating content is tougher than it might initially appear. The web, social media newsfeeds, and pretty much all of the internet are overrun by content. It’s hard to really stand out in this atmosphere. Because now practically everyone is creating content, it’s hard to come up with unique topics as well. The next new thing quickly distracts web users too. So, how does a brand create content that actually attract users and drive web traffic? Consider the following suggestions for your answer:

Use Visuals

Web users are highly driven by imagery rather than text. No one really stops and reads anymore. If an article has an eye-catching image on the other hand, then people would stop and stare. Take the Facebook or Twitter feeds. Each is getting refreshed second by second with new posts and tweets. To grab attention on these ever changing platforms, use an image a user cannot ignore. Bright colors could also do the trick. However, the image must match the content. Don’t leave users thinking that they might have been duped into clicking on a link. Neither users nor search engine and social media algorithms like that.

Get Help from the Experts

To know what exactly you could be doing better with your content marketing strategy, consult with expert marketers. Hire professionals from your regional area, like digital agencies in Dubai for the most relevant advice. If you are unable to do so, an expert might be able to reinvigorate your content strategy. Professional marketers are also well informed about the latest trends driving internet traffic. They will use that knowledge to improve your content. The results you get will very likely be worth the content you publish.

Mix It Up

Don’t limit your content strategy just to articles, essays, and blog posts. Other materials, like infographics, have much better viral potential. So do produce a variety of content that’s made up of articles, infographics, slide shows, images, and video. Expand your reach by thinking outside the box when it comes to content. However, as always, you must aim to make your content highly accurate as much as possible to engage users without getting marked as spam.

Create Video to Get Mobile Traffic

Smartphone users nowadays drive most of the web traffic. People on smartphones rarely read articles. The screens of handheld devices are really small, so it’s hard to see text. Smartphone users largely prefer to look at photos and watch videos. So, you can greatly benefit from smartphone traffic by creating videos. It’s not really hard if you invest in a good video editing software program. You can make videos out of the infographics and articles you produce. What matters is that the videos are interesting enough to grab attention.

Use Content Aggregator Sites

Don’t limit your content promotion efforts just to social media sites. Use content aggregator siteslike Reddit, Digg, and StumbleUpon to find new audiences and users. These sites are also great to get the internet buzzing about yoru content.

Employ Emotional Triggers

You can really grab attention of users by creating headlines that trigger emotional responses like self worth, pride, sadness, or outrage. Catchy headlines that tug at the heartstrings of users have excellent viral potential. But be careful not to mislead with the headlines you use.

If your content plan is currently struggling, use the above methods to revitalize your strategy.