Why Every Company Should get Arc Flash Hazard Analysis

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Electricity is nothing to mess with, especially when you are working with machines that run on a lot of power in the workplace. Many factories and engineering facilities don’t find out that they are having problems in their system until it’s too late, resulting in serious injury and even death as the result of an arc flash. Workplace safety should be the number one concern of any good company. Not only will an employee’s death be a disaster, it will cost the company a lot of money in the process.

There are a lot of hazards when it comes to working with electricity like electrocution, arc flash, and even an arc blast. If you aren’t familiar, an arc is what refers to the blast that comes from the insulation not being able to withstand the power that is coursing through. This causes a flash to come off of the cable that has a lot of power and can be fatal to anyone in the proximity.

If you own a company that works with electricity, you need to be sure that you are constantly upgrading the facility to keep up with the increasing workload of the operations. This all revolves around increasing the amount of fault current available, which basically creates more headroom and increases the amount of energy that can be used throughout the day.

Any time you change your electrical system, you run the risk of installing something that is faulty or installing something incorrectly that could become a problem. This is when an arc flash could occur. Most of the time, an arc flash occurs not because of faulty insulation, but because of out of date equipment that is overlooked when a system is upgraded.

Another common misconception about an arc flash is that it only happens while the system is being operated. This is false, a flash can happen in the middle of the night when no one is using the machinery. This is dangerous as well because it can cause a fire in the facility.

Perform regular arc flash hazard analysis to ensure that your system is working efficiently and your employees are working in the safest conditions possible. This is truly a job for a professional expert like Predictive Service. They have the tools and the experience to diagnose and fix any problem you may be having with your electrical system.