Facebook update will make you even MORE popular with your friends

facebook messenger update group payments app

Facebook Messenger is about to remove one of the biggest worries from your night out

Keeping track of your money might have just got a little easier thanks to Facebook.

The social network has rolled out a new update to its Messenger app that will allow users to send money to their friends in group chats.

That means that you can now use Messenger to keep track of who still owes you money from that big night out, or who is yet to pitch in for the group birthday present.

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook users have been able to use Messenger to send payments since last year, but only to a single person at a time.

The new expansion means you can now send and receive money among groups of your contacts for the first time – all for free.

So whether its splitting a restaurant bill, or paying for a group gift, Messenger now lets you settle all payments within the app without having to resort to arguments.

facebook messenger payments group chatFACEBOOK

Messenger now lets you send payments to anyone in a group chat

facebook messenger group chat paymentsFACEBOOK

Making a payment is completely free, and you don’t even need to enter your card details

Sending payments is quick and easy, Facebook says, with everything being handled within your chat window, and no need to enter a password or even your card details.

Just tap on the plus sign in the bottom left hand corner of a group conversation to find more features, then tap the payments icon.

Then, choose who to send or request money from, whether that’s everyone in the group or just a selected few.

Enter the amount you want to request per person, or the total sum to divide evenly – and whether you are included or not.

Finally, you can specify what the money is for, then tap Request.

Facebook introduce Facebook Stories

 The feature is available today for Android app users, as well as on the desktop Messenger service, with further rollouts coming soon.
The news is the latest improvement made to Messenger as Facebook looks to expand the reach of its messaging service.

Messenger currently has over a billion users worldwide, making it one of Facebook’s most lucrative products.

The app now allows users to play a number of classic video games within the service, with more than 15 games, including Pac-Man, Space Invaders and Track and Field, with more titles expected to arrive soon.