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The Front Page of the Internet Is Getting a New Front Page

by Rajdeep

The Front Page of the Internet Is Getting a New Front Page

The front page of Internet a.k.a Reddit, has now changed its own front page as the website has introduced a new subreddit named r/popular, which will also be website’s home page, to help more communities reach a wider audience. The newly-introduced subreddit will showcase highlighted stories that can be from any subreddit, with certain exceptions.

The exceptions, which will not be able to make it to the front page include NSFW and 18+ communities, communities that have opted out of r/all, and a handful of subreddits that users consistently filter out of their r/all page, the company said in its announcement post.

Notably, registered users who are logged-in will still see subreddits that they have subscribed to when they visit the home page, but these changes will appear for those users who are logged out and for users who don’t have an account on the website.

In its post, Reddit said that it previously tried to help the less known communities to reach front page by creating the notion of the defaults, in which the website “cherry picked” a set of subreddits to appear as default set.

Reddit says that over the years, the website has grown with hundreds of millions of users and tens of thousands of active communities. As a result the “defaults” have been able to receive a “disproportionate amount of traffic,” and the website says that it has therefore become difficult for new users to see the rest of the communities.

“We, therefore, are trying to make the Reddit experience more inclusive by launching r/popular, which, like r/all, opens the door to allowing more communities to climb to the front page,” the announcement post from the company said.

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