Google Revamps Mobile Search UI When Looking for Recipes to Add Suggestions

Google Revamps Mobile Search UI When Looking for Recipes to Add Suggestions

Google is trying to make its popular search engine easier to use by the day. The company over the past few months has been improving its search engine to add more information and depth when searching for a particular topic. In September, Google tweaked its search interface to make shopping easier, now the company has added a feature that lets you refine searches for recipes.

The new UI was spotted by Alex Chitu of the Google Operating System unofficial blog who posted screenshots of the new interface taking ‘avocado mayo’ as an example. While the older interface showed recipes for the food being searched for, the new interface also provides search suggestions – such as salad, sandwich.

If you tap one of these suggestions, it shows a massive list of related recipes that can be scrolled, along with bigger cards with larger thumbnails and longer descriptions. This same carousel can be triggered if you tap on the ‘View All’ option at the top-right of the original search.

So far, a Google search for a food would show a good list of recipes with a small preview. But the new UI looks to improve on that. Suggesting keywords will help users find exactly the kind of recipe they’re looking for as well as provide more options than was previously given. Google is aiming to give as much information within its search engine as possible so that users will not have to leave the page.

As of now, these new changes appear for mobile only while one may have to wait for the new interface to show up on the desktop. While several US publications are reporting seeing the feature, we are not yet seeing it here in India – implying the global rollout will be conducted in a phased manner.

[Source:- gadgets.ndtv]