Hull College chief accused of ‘bullying’ local MP over staff strike


A Hull College chief executive has been accused of using “bullying” tactics towards its staff and local MP, following an on-going row over staff pay at the institute.

Shadow Attorney General Karl Turner criticised Chief Executive, Gary Warke, for sending him a letter of complaint regarding his support of striking staff members.

The dispute came into place after Mr Turner, who represents the Kingston upon Hull East constituency, addressed members of the University and College Union (UCU) during their one-day walkout over pay and lesson observations on Tuesday.

In a personal letter sent to the MP, Mr Warke expressed “sincere disappointment” at Mr Turner’s decision to support the strike and said it was “inappropriate and disrespectful” that he had not informed management of his intentions to appear at the demonstration.

Mr Turner published the letters of correspondence in a blog postand said: “Imagine my surprise to have received a veiled threat from Hull College Chief Executive, Gary Warke, who took it upon himself to accuse me of making political capital out of an issue which matters a lot to my constituents”.

“Whilst Mr Warke may feel that he can bully and intimidate his staff at Hull City College, he cannot do it to me, an elected Member of Parliament”.

The MP has also written to the college’s board of governors to ask them to investigate the chief executive’s conduct.

Tuesday’s strike rally was organised by the UCU with staff members of Hull College, in protest over pay rates and a “controversial” lesson observation system implemented by the college.