Is Internet access a basic right?

A woman uses her computer keyboard to type while surfing the internet in North Vancouver, B.C., on Wednesday, December, 19, 2012. Digital dissenters known as hacktivists have developed a track record for disruption and attracting attention and are now considered one of the three main groups of attackers online, says security software company Websense. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Jonathan Hayward ORG XMIT: CPT501

When the ruling came down, the cost of basic service went up a huge amount, actually to $100 for a new install. At that price, pay phones became the preferred way for single moms and the unemployed and working poor to contact others.

Now the CRTC has been given another problem. Is access to the Internet a basic right?

Well, with this problem the idea of a another wired society hangs in the balance. The big telco’s and cable outfits will not like the CRTC messing with their bottom lines.

Some of these companies have done their best to outsource the jobs of Canadians to far-away lands while some haven’t and credit should be given to the ones that actually stayed all Canadian. Like the ketchup issue people should demand Canada only.

In the end, if anything changes, it will be outstanding for the poor. So, let’s say nothing is going to change but the price and it isn’t going down or will a real thoughtful process be in the works?

[Source:- Windsorstar]