Jelly bean riddle the latest puzzle to baffle the internet

Three jelly beans are laid on a stump and you have to choose one to eat, but two of them are poisonous and will kill you. Photo /

You’ve found the hidden panda and sussed out the image contained in a seemingly solid red dot, but now there’s a new head-scratching riddle sweeping the internet.

Tim Urban and Andrew Finn of the website have created a fiendishly difficult puzzle based around three jelly beans.

The premise of the puzzle is that you have to choose to eat one of three jelly beans laid out on a stump, two of which are poisonous.

You take the green jelly bean, leaving the red and blue. Photo /

“Two of the jelly beans on the stump are poisonous-you’ll die within 30 seconds of eating either one of them,” the riddle explains.

“But one of the jelly beans isn’t poisonous and won’t harm you at all. All three of the jelly beans are delicious.

The situation works like this: You pick one of the jelly beans and eat it, and if you happen to pick the non-poisonous one, you’re free to go.”

According to the riddle, you decide to pick up the green jelly bean.

But just before you eat it, a man takes away the blue jelly bean explaining that it’s definitely poisonous.

That leaves the red one on the stump and the green one still in your hand. You get one last chance to change your mind about which one to take.

[Source:- Nzherald]