Kodi anger as Samsung Galaxy S7 Android update ‘breaks’ popular app

Samsung Galaxy S7 kodi update

Samsung Galaxy S7 update has broken the Kodi app
After months of waiting, Samsung recently began pushing out its Android Nougat update to its huge range of smartphone and tablets.

This upgrade brings a number of improvements to devices including the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge.

However, it also appears this update could cause some issues for users of the popular Kodi player.

Since the upgrade many Galaxy owners have posted messages on forums complaining that they can longer hear audio when using the app.

One Kodi fans added a message on Reddit, saying: “My Kodi worked perfectly on a Samsung Note 5 up until Sprint pushed an Android update yesterday.

“Now, Kodi 17.1 opens fine, looks fine, but as soon as it boots, loud noise is all you get for audio.

“It almost sounds like white noise, but also sounds like it could be some sort of audio file.

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A  number of users have blamed Kodi for the problems but now the popular service has suggested that, “Samsung broke it.”

Kodi posted a message on Twitter feed which reads: “You have a @SamsungMobile phone or tablet with Android Nougat and get static noise with Kodi? Sorry but Samsung broke it with their update.”

It’s currently unclear what is causing the issue or when there will be a fix for it.

Some users say they’ve tried removing the update but have still suffered the same results.

One message on Reddit reads: “I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling Kodi both from the Google Play store and downloading and installing Kodi directly from the Kodi download page, same result.”

Kodi update Samsung

The news of this issue comes as Kodi has just released an upgrade to its popular player.

Kodi users are now being urged to download this latest update after the team behind the popular service deemed it necessary to push out a new release.

The new v17.3 software has been launched just a few days after fans of the service were told to upgrade to v17.2.

Kodi says that it felt it necessary to quickly launch another upgrade to sort some minor bug and security issues.

Along with these fixes the new software includes a patch which stops malicious subtitle zip files that could potentially infect and harm users’ media players.

It was claimed by security company, Check Point, that Hackers could take control of a computer, smartphone, tablet or smart TV by manipulating subtitle text files.