Prey PS4 Day One Patch Download Size Is 1.296GB

Prey PS4 Day One Patch Download Size Is 1.296GB

Sci-fi shooter Prey’s release date is May 5 but that hasn’t stopped enterprising retailers in the UAE from breaking street date and subsequently re-exporting copies of the game to countries like India. Gadgets 360 got its hands on the game on Monday for the PS4.

On Tuesday, the game received its first patch weighing in at 1.296GB. Aside from updating the game to version 1.01 it brings a host of changes. These include modifications to enemy AI, preventing them from shooting through walls, weapon fixes, updates to how powers can be used, as well as fix for the game’s sound design that some found jarring during the Prey demo.

 And for those of you deciding which platform to buy it on, it appears that ‘several frame rate bugs’ have been fixed as well. The patch notes in full have been listed below:
prey ps4 download size 034517 124503 7174 prey_ps4_day_one_patch
prey patch notes 034517 124502 6878 prey_ps4_patch_notes
prey ps4 patch notes 1 034517 124505 8077 prey_ps4_day_one_patch
prey ps4 patch notes 2 034517 124506 8685 prey_ps4_day_one_patch
prey ps4 patch notes 3 035017 125056 7675 prey_ps4_day_one_patch

As per our experience post-patch on the PS4 Pro, the sound design issue wherein the music used to signify you’re under threat from an enemy has been fixed while the frame rate holds up much better.

As for the game itself, it has so far, held up to our expectations after we played the demo. Stay tuned to our full review later this week.

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