Should I Share Or Buy A Dedicated Server?

Perhaps you are a business owner and you are considering a dedicated server to run your business’ site, you most likely must have thought of sharing or buying that server. And in addition, you are probably contemplating on which one will be the best for you. Although sharing hosted servers havetheir benefits such as low renting cost compared to buying and less maintenance (if any) among others, decision to buy a dedicated server is inevitable at some point and the right choice is important because it will depend on many potential problems in the future.

Reasons why you need to buy a dedicated server hosting

Availability of traffic and large storage

If your websites experience user traffic with enormous page views most of the times or your project requires a considerable amount of storage space, then you need to buy a dedicated server. With dedicated hosted servers,you will have the whole disk space to yourself. They have a large amount of bandwidth that provides maximum responsiveness and reliability to cater for heavy user traffic on your websites. In this regard, you can be sure that your clients will experience a faster web page loading.

Complete control of your business

When you buy a dedicated server, you will have a complete knowledge of your business and also have the responsibility of managing your server. You can modify all the aspects of security as much as you want in hosted servers, as long as you are aware and know what you are doing. You have to, for instance be prepared to install each and every security updates and patches. If what you need is a dedicated server but wish to eliminate carrying out the server management tasks, then you should think about purchasing a managed dedicated hosting.

Memory needs

If your web applications or projects require a great deal of RAM then you need to buy a dedicated server to help you provide a service with appropriate response times. Particularly where large database applications are involved and you need a large memory, it is almost impossible for you to trust shared hosting.

Hosted servers for highest and fastest performance

This is among the most influencing factors why people buy a dedicated server. If your website project requires a great deal of CPU power, then a shared hosting server will be too slow for you. This could occur should your site experiences high volumes of traffic or runs complex tasks for instance image conversions or 3D rendering. In addition, applications hosted on shared server may become bulkier and generate immense load giving very sluggish performance which can have adverse impact on your business. However, dedicated hosted servers provide robust platform for hosting such applications.

Web Hosting Platform

The fact that it is not a shared server and only accessible to those authorized makes it a highly secure web hosting option. All your resources are exclusively yours. You certainly find out that owning a server is better than sharing with several businesses.