Students at top universities ‘ripped off by £9,000 fees’: Private memo photographed in Downing Street questions if amount charged can be justified given the quality of teaching

A private memo, photographed being carried into the Cabinet Office in London, has revealed how ministers are questioning whether £9,000-a-year university fees can be justified given the 'quality and intensity of teaching'

Students are being ripped off by fees of £9,000 a year at some of Britain’s top universities, ministers secretly believe.

A private memo has revealed how they are questioning whether such fees can be justified given the ‘quality and intensity of teaching’.

The document was photographed yesterday being carried by an unnamed official as he left No10 and walked to the Cabinet Office.

It discloses that the Government does not believe it will achieve its target of doubling the number of poorer children attending top universities.

Drawn up by officials at the Department for Business, the memo is believed to apply to the leading Russell Group of universities.

It does not name specific institutions with ‘problems’ providing value for money. But it warns that the grades demanded by the ‘established’ universities will make it too hard for pupils from less well-off backgrounds to get in.

[Source:- Bbc]