SXSW 2017: Bravo’s ‘Stripped’ Is A Life Without Gadgets… or Anything Else

Stripped on Bravo

[SXSW 2017 – Stripped is a new series on Bravo where you have nothing – not even your clothes.]It’s 2017. The iPhone has turned 10 years old, and it, along with all of its Android friends, are all over the place, and in hundreds of millions of hands all over this world. Netflix is an established company and no longer a novelty. Podcasts play on voice-activated devices like the Amazon Echo. We could go on, but you get the point:

We’re connected. We’re tied in. We’re people with toys and gadgets and we’re possessive about those effigies of consumerism.

But Bravo knows it’s Lent. It’s time to give some of that stuff up. And while religion has nothing to do with their programming, it’s fitting that their new show, Stripped, is being promoted right now.

People familiar with the show at Bravo tell Geeks Of Doom that Stripped is a reality show based on a Danish format where participants drop their clothes, along with everything else, for 21 days. While they can take back one thing every day while on the show, they have to live their lives without, which means having to choose wisely and strategically. Which item would you choose? And is the item they choose going to satisfy their needs in the long run, or provide a quick fix?

There is no voting off the island and no prizes other than self discovery. Still, here are the rules:

  • Participants give up everything they own including clothes.
  • They’re only allowed toilet paper Only toilet paper, food and water are all they have access to.
  • Their belongings are kept in a container less than a mile away.
  • Each day, contestants are allowed to retrieve 1 item from the container.

Could you do it? Could they? We’ll find out.

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