Teacher beat 6-year-old for making spelling mistake

The beaten girl, who was only six years old

Ateacher at a primary school in norther Vietnam is under investigation after allegedly hitting pupil across the face with a ruler as a punishment.

Warning: Graphic images below

The incident took place last Friday at Phin Ngan Elementary School in the Bat Xat district of Lao Cai. The teacher, named as Tran Thi Thu Tra, reportedly became angry when the six-year-old pupil, identified only as T. in local media, misspelled a word during a dictation lesson.

The child’s mother, Chao Ke May, told reporters she became aware of the incident after two of T.’s  school friends helped her daughter home from school.

“My kid’s face was swelling and there were bruises near her eyes,” she said.

T. was taken to Bat Xat general hospital, where she was treated for bruising around her eyes and surrounding facial area, and kept in for monitoring.

A spokesperson for the local education ministry confirmed the incident had taken place, and that the teacher has now been suspended from working pending an investigation.

The girl - identified only as T in local media in Bat Xat
The girl – identified only as T in local media in Bat Xat CREDIT: CEN

“Strict measures must be enacted to purge school violence,” the spokesperson said.

[Source:- Telegraph]