Use this free method to watch region-locked YouTube videos in India

Opera VPN

gion-locked content, or more specifically the videos that aren’t available in a particular country, are no longer the sort of nuisance that they used to be earlier. Nowadays, content creators have realised that it is futile to region-lock a video. But the problem still occasionally surfaces, particularly for something that is hot and trending. An example will be something like Grammy-nominated song or some other clip with unique music.

So if you come across such region-locked videos, which are available in the US or UK, but are blocked in India, how do you watch it? The answer, as always, lies in using a proxy or VPN server, which allows you to use an IP address from outside India to access something. Earlier, this used to be a major problem. But now in 2016, access to a VPN or proxy has become very easy.

There are several methods to access a blocked video, article or even the full website, in India. But the easiest — and free — is the use of Opera.

Opera — yes the same software that is also ran in the browser market — is of late doing some innovative stuff. Sensing that a lot of people can benefit from a VPN, the browser now comes bundled with a free VPN inside it.

So to watch a blocked video on a laptop or desktop, all you need to do is:

— Install latest version of Opera .

— Once the app is installed, open it and toggle VPN through the VPN Button placed in the URL bar.

— Once the software is connected to VPN, the button will turn blue. If you want, you can also specify which location you want for VPN. For example, if you know for surety that the blocked URL is available in the US, you can opt for US-based VPN.

— Paste the URL where the video is hosted, and watch it.

For mobiles

This is for a laptop or a desktop computer. What about a mobile phone or a tablet. In this case, you can use the Opera VPN, an app available for both Android devices and the iPhone. It is free to use and can be downloaded from the app stores. Here is how you can use it:

— Download the Opera VPN. iOS app is here and Android one is here .

— Open the app. Tap on the “connect” button.

— Once the VPN is connected, open the app or web page where you were trying to watch the video. It should work now.

[Source:- intoday]