We’ll Be Live-Blogging The Twin Peaks Premiere


It’s been 26 years since Mark Frost and David Lynch’s surreal serial drama Twin Peaks last had a new episode on television. That’s so long ago that MTV was still playing music videos from time to time. We’d only had one President Bush, and anything you wanted to know about a TV series you’d have to get from reading magazines and newspapers. How the world has changed — but at the same time, to their credit, Lynch and his crew have done a great job of keeping what’s known about the new limited series to a minimum, so we’ll once more have some surprises to go through together.

We’ll be live-tweeting throughout the episode, so join us for conversations if you’re watching along (we’ll be picking up with the 9 p.m. EST/6 p.m. PST broadcast slot), chime in. If you you’re not going to be watching it until later, then hold off and come back then. After the next image, we’ll have the live feed, so you’ve been warned.




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      Well, okey dokey then – that’s the first two hour episode. What did folks think? #TwinPeaks Will Cooper make it out of his fishbowl?

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      Welcome back to the Bang Bang Bar in #TwinPeaks Where the character introductions (and re-intros) happen.

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      Oh, god no. Is this the CW with the musical teen band interlude? #TwinPeaks

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      Amazing how in #TwinPeaks, every 5 minutes you can repeat the phrase – “and then sh*t got weird”

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      Really?? Wait. So they got Cooper out from the vacuum bubble in New York? Well okey dokey then – but what got out earlier – Bob? #TwinPeaks

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      Yup. Very likely. But I’ll have to fight less to get people to understand it. #TwinPeaks

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      “Oh, you are nice and wet” – Dark Cooper #TwinPeaks

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      Did #JenniferJasonLeigh just look nearly exactly like she did in #FastTimes? #TwinPeaks

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      One day Hollywood will have computer screens show what they really look like in those kinds of situations. But not today, sadly. #TwinPeaks

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      Yankton!! Great shoutout to all of us #Deadwood fans out here – thanks #TwinPeaks

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      Hm, so Dark Cooper isn’t Bob? #TwinPeaks

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      It’s BOB! Oh heck, not shit gets real. #TwinPeaks

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      And with the long hair no less. It seems to always means bad guy in cinematic shorthand. #TwinPeaks

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      If anyone was ever curious, @Kyle_MacLachlan makes a fracking awesome villain. #TwinPeaks

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      Ah muad’dib and chiana cuddling in bed…

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      So is the talking tree with a gumboil on top the strangest thing thus far? #TwinPeaks

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      This #TwinPeaks scene brought to you by @LaPerlaLingerie

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      Yup, so Cooper is trapped here. Somehow they need to get evil Dale back in.

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      Future or past? It simply is – #TwinPeaks

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      #TwinPeaks – well crap, the Matrix is collapsing! Neo run!

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      Yes, new watchers – just appreciate that most of what you see will be WTF and what’s going on – and then amazing moments of “OH!” #TwinPeaks

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      Meanwhile, this week in #Westworld – the latest host – #laurapalmer#TwinPeaks

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      Sometimes my arms bend back….

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      #LauraPalmer — the return.. Lynch you do so much with looks and quiet moments. #TwinPeaks

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      Back to the LODGE! #TwinPeaks

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      Is that an evil black tar pit? Is Tasha Yar going to die (again)? #TwinPeaks

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      Now if it’s all Bob in Agent Cooper’s body… what will it take to pry it back out of him? I need an old priest and a young priest #TwinPeaks

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      Oh, well that changed quickly. I still don’t know if that’s Cooper, or if it’s something else entirely #TwinPeaks

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      That look on Bill’s face when he’s saying “oh my god!” – that’s going to be look on viewers faces as things reveal themselves. #TwinPeaks

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      Hm, something tells me they were having marital issues before the parts of dead bodies in car even came up. #TwinPeaks

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      Alright, episode 4 of @AmericanGodsSTZ is in the bag, if your’e wanting some recap and review – https://www.bleedingcool.com/2017/05/21/recapping-american-gods-episode-4-git-gone-theres-nothing-believe-trust-ive-looked/ #AmericanGods

      Photo published for Recapping American Gods Episode 4, Git Gone: "There’s Nothing To Believe. Trust Me. I’ve Looked." -...

      Recapping American Gods Episode 4, Git Gone: “There’s Nothing To Believe. Trust Me. I’ve Looked.” -…

      Submitted for your consideration by Bleeding Cool contributor Ray Flook: Don’t you hate it when your “dead” ex-wife surprises you in your motel room after


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      Perhaps give even money odds on the wife at the moment? But that’s too easy for Lynch – #TwinPeaks

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      Kyle MacLachlan


      IT IS HAPPENING AGAIN. #twinpeaks

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      Rachel Bartlett @FriendlyFire

      This show is about to make me ugly cry #twinpeaks:

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      Naw, he doesn’t read guilty as hell at

      all does he? #TwinPeaks

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So Agent Cooper has been missing for 20+ years? Well, get the coffee and the doughnuts, Lucy. It’s like a batsignal, just tastier #TwinPeaks