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8 Digital Marketing Tips To Improve Your Marketing Efforts

by Loknath Das

Digital marketing is an effective channel that delivers satisfying results if you use the right strategy to promote your business and generate leads. Several startups, small and medium-sized businesses have a low budget or limited resources for online marketing, but you will need not to spend a lot every time if you have proven tools and techniques to implement.

Thus, if you are one among them, who are working hard to improve their online business, learn here how Internet marketing strategy boosts your marketing efforts.

8 Digital Marketing Tips To Improve Your Marketing Efforts

1.Invest In Website Design

Web design is an important marketing tactic that influences users to access your page. A website is a center of your digital marketing efforts, and if the images are not clean, difficult to navigate, slow to load and less attractive, it will not be able to attract the users. Hence, if you design or redesign your website, it should look visually appealing, and content should be easy to find and accessible on multiple interfaces.

2.Increase Your Website Visibility In Search Engines

You should frequently and consistently publish high-quality web content keeping it compelling and reducing the keyword stuffing. Since your website’s ranking on SERPs is your primary aim to attract the visitors and prospects, you should create relevant content to improve ranking on SERPs. Keep the following things in your mind when creating content:

  • Quality content at the top level of your website pages will help the search engine crawlers to find your best rather than having to search deep in your site.
  • Make sure to assign names and add an alt-tag description to the images in your website.
  • Use descriptive anchor text for hyperlinks that lead visitors to other pages of your site. The microcopy that you utilizes for clickable links should focus on increasing conversion rates.
  • Give unique meta descriptions to each of your web pages and describe why the visitors should reach out to you.

3.Engage With Customers On Social Media

Social media is an integral part of online marketing strategy that gives an opportunity to share & promote your product and services. Identify and participate in various social channels where you can get more customers and prospects. For this, follow the below things:

  • Continuously refine your social strategy because social media trends are shifting and evolving consistently.
  • Consider investing in video advertising.
  • Use social media to gather customers feedback to work on these.

4.Optimize Your Website For Various Devices

Every day millions of Android devices are activated. On average, more than 40 apps are installed. Mobile marketing is becoming the must-have to achieve maximum reach. Be sure to:

  • Find responsive themes to design your website that is mobile ready.
  • Consider for a well-designed mobile app to provide your customers with better user experience.
  • Check how your website appears on various devices including iOS, OSX, Windows and Android.

5.Capture & Measure Business Growth Metrics

You are investing and working hard for your website, blog & email campaigns, bounce rates, conversion rates, etc. To monitor your business ROI and success, you have to place the web analytics tools. If you haven’t incorporated them yet then here are a few metrics for different marketing channels:

  • For Website: Moz Analytics, Google Analytics and Webtrends
  • For Social Media: Facebook Page Insights, Twitter Analytics and Hootsuite
  • For Email Marketing: MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, VerticalResponse

6.Develop Email Marketing

Email marketing is another digital marketing fundamental strategy. Use automated messages to build a relationship with your subscriber. You can also use the email responses and clicks to the segment for your list. For example, when someone clicks on a link, they clearly show an interest, and thus, you can tag the users to market them later.

7.Affiliate & Associate Programs

With the help of an affiliate program, your loyal consumers will share information and grow your market on various commission based platforms. However, an affiliate or associate program is not for every type of online business, but if anyone includes this in marketing efforts can get success faster.

8.Maintain Blogs

Your blog posts are used for several reasons, so you should consistently post for new keywords as well as optimize your search engine strategy. Furthermore, if you find your blog post can deliver vast knowledge, you should offer a suggestion and share bits of information that impress your consumers. Remember, a blog is something that establishes a lasting relationship with your customers.

If you are ready to begin with your marketing strategies, include the tips mentioned above in your marketing efforts. To know more or to get the professionals assistance, reach out us at Impact Interactive.



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