Opportunities for Leading SAFe Certified Professionals Across The Globe

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SAFe stands for Scaled Agile Framework and is basically a set of workflow patterns that guide companies in scaling lean and agile practices. The framework was introduced in the year 2011 by Dean Leffingwell.  It leverages Agile software development, lean product development and system thinking in order to promote alignment, collaboration and delivery across a large number of agile teams. It centres on essential principles that include:-

  • Taking an economic approach
  • Applying systems thinking
  • Assuming variability and preserving options
  • Building incrementally with fast learning cycles
  • Basing benchmarks on an objective assessment of working systems
  • Visualizing and limiting WIP (Work-in-Progress)
  • Applying measures and synchronizing with cross-domain planning
  • Motivating skilled workers
  • Decentralizing decision-making process.

SAFe Certification

SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework) Certification is a professional program that provides a consistent and valid method of evaluating and using SAFe skills, knowledge and mindset. Certified SAFe professionals are reckoned for their expertise to support the successful transformation of companies into Lean-Agile organizations.

Eligibility for Enrolling in a SAFe Training Course

To acquire a SAFe certification, professionals must complete the two-day training course. However, in order to be eligible for the SAFe certification exam, a candidate must have at least 5 years of working experience in the field of software development, business analysis, testing, or product or project management.

Who Will Benefit from SAFe Agilist Certification?

Following professionals are will gain high career benefits from this certification:-

  • Executives, directors, VPs, and CIOs
  • Program and project managers
  • Enterprise, system, and solution architects
  • PMO and process leads
  • Development, QA, and infrastructure managers

Types of SAFe Certifications  

There are three types of SAFe Certification programs that professionals can acquire based on their expertise and preferences. These certifications include:-

  1. SAFe Practitioner (SP) Certification

SAFe Practitioner Certification offers a comprehensive knowledge of every aspect of the Agile framework. It is also the most basic form of SAFe certification. Obtaining this certificate ensures that the professionals possess a high-level of skills to work or lead a process-centric development model based on an Agile framework. This demonstration of skills increases the chances of acquiring the positions of manager, training specialist or coach within an enterprise.

  1. SAFe Program Consultant (SPC) Certification

Acquiring SPC certification validates the qualification of Agile professionals to launch an Agile Release Train (Agile team) and educate the members who want to become Agilist or SAFe practitioners. Additionally, it trains professionals to identify and use the right technique to execute various Agile programs. To obtain SPC certification, professionals are recommended to first gain SP certification along with three years of working experience in an Agile environment.

  1. SAFe Product Manager or Product Owner (PM/PO) Certification

This certification program is designed specifically to facilitate better Agile management as it emphasizes on the importance of SAFe framework for the product manager or product owner. It covers important scaling agile aspects such as enterprise backlog management, stakeholder management, and delivering features.

Opportunities for SAFe Professionals

Scaled Agile Certification promotes the personal growth of the professionals by extending a catalogue of role-based training programs. It allows professionals to strengthen their Agile knowledge and offers the following opportunities:-

  1. Competitive Edge in the Global Job Market

Presently over 70% of the US Fortune 100 companies are using SAFe framework, making it the most popular method used for scaling Agile. Evidently, the demand for skilled SAFe certified professionals is increasing at a tremendous pace. The role-based curriculum within the Scaled Agile training program allows professionals an advancement from entry-level SAFe practitioner to SAFe specialist.

Additionally, employers are looking out for professional candidates who hold SAFe certification as it demonstrates their expertise and proficiency in working within a SAFe environment. Presently, the average salary of leading SAFe certified professionals is USD 68.667 annually. Therefore a SAFe certification can prove highly beneficial for professionals who wish to boost their career opportunities.

  1. Access to Digital Badge

SAFe certified professionals acquire a digital badge, which is a convenient and shareable version of the certification that allows them to display their accomplishments in digital resumes, email signatures, and social media networks, etc. This digital badge provides better visibility and ensures that the professionals have been verified, manifesting their expertise and qualifications as a SAFe certified professional.

  1. Membership in the SAFe Community Platform

A SAFe certification also allows professionals to be a member of the SAFe Community platform that manages their credentials and provides access to a wide range of resources, keeping them updated with SAFe knowledge and SAFe Communities of Practice (CoPs).

Additionally, certified SAFe professionals can also grant access to a specific CoP that can be viewed by all members of the SAFe Community Platform. This privilege offers them with numerous networking opportunities with experienced professionals.

SAFe Certification – A Step Towards Professional Advancement

The business domain is increasingly adopting an Agile framework in order to optimize the workflow and sustainability in this ever-evolving and competitive marketplace. While a highly productive framework, implementing agile in the development process can be complicated. Scaled Agile Framework offers a streamlined roadmap to companies that strengthen the Agile methodology and allows the team to constantly deliver high-value results.

Evidently, the prominence of Scaled Agile framework is growing and so is the demand for skilled and certified Scaled Agile professionals. A SAFe Agilist certification can allow professionals to verify their expertise of working in an Agile environment and pave way for career opportunities, that hold higher monetary, as well as professional benefits.

Three Tips to Finding Your Interior Designing and Decorating Styles

Home décor and design is important because your living space is meant to be your happy place. You know, the sanctuary you return to after an arduous morning of work and exhaustion.

However, finding your décor and design style goes hand-in-hand with self-decorating your home. You don’t want to go off half-cocked. Hence, this article gives you some inspiration on how to find your décor and design styles before you take on the tasks of home renovation.

Flip Through a Magazine—Which Styles are You Drawn to? What Kind of Décor Do You Love?

When you see an image, your brain automatically forms an opinion of whether that image appeals to you or not. This can be said for interior design. Ergo, you should flip through a magazine or online design website to find styles that you are drawn to. Write down décor ideas that you love. Some websites are interactive in that they allow you to pick and place your own design ideas into simulated rooms. No computer access? You can do the same with a memory board, magazines, glue, and a pair of scissors.

Explore Homes via Real Estate Open Houses—Or Take Tours of Loved Ones’ Homes for Inspiration

Most real estate agencies strive to create the perfect atmosphere in homes that are on the marketplace. Of course, not all are furnished, but the décor is still swept, painted, and spiffed up to appeal to your design senses. Take a few tours around modern furnished homes during open houses to get a sense of the interior designs that you’d want to replicate.

Learn About Color Psychology and Build onto Your Tonal Favorites

Color psychology is the direct link between your mind and emotions and the colors you see. For example, some people get happy when they see blue because it reminds them of the oceans, robin’s eggs, other beautiful things found in nature, etc. Whereas, some people are disgusted by the sight of yellow because it reminds them of glaring sunshine, migraines, and other stomach-churning elements.

What’s your favorite color and why? Decide this and then build your interior design tones through color psychologies.

Share market update: Auto shares in the green; Motherson Sumi up 1%

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NEW DELHI: Auto shares were trading in the green in Tuesday’s morning session.

Shares of Motherson SumiNSE 0.35 % Systems (up 2.18 per cent), Exide Industries (up 1.55 per cent), Tata Motors (up 0.88 per cent) and Bharat Forge (up 0.82 per cent) were the top gainers in the index.

Maruti Suzuki India (up 0.75 per cent), Tata Motors (DVR) (up 0.53 per cent), TVS Motor Company (up 0.51 per cent) and MRFNSE 0.32 % (up 0.50 per cent) too were trading with gains.

The Nifty Auto index was trading 0.41 per cent up at 8272.60 around 09:50 am.

Benchmark NSE Nifty50 index was up 44.60 points at 11,398.85 while the BSE Sensex was up 144.53 points at 37,953.44.

Among the 50 stocks in the Nifty index, 36 were trading in the green, while 13 were in the red.

Shares of DLF, Indian Oil Corp, BHEL, ONGC, NTPC, Bank of Baroda, Ashok Leyland, YES Bank, SBI, ICICI Bank, SAIL, ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Company, HPCL, Motherson Sumi and Coal India were among the most traded securities on the NSE


PS4 Pro – Best gaming choice for you

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Sony play stations have been dominating the gaming market since their launch and they have provided better and better models with amazing graphics and gameplay. Sony PS4 Pro was recently launched and it’s highly suitable for those gamers who already have a 4k HDR television or the ones who are planning to get one. With a TV having 2160p resolution, gaming with PS4 Pro will be a delight. It will deliver amazing color reproduction and clarity with perfect contrast and sharpness. With a combination of a HDR 4k TV and Sony PS4 Pro, games will seem spectacular. Let’s take a good look at its features and whether it will be worth a buy this year or not.


PS4 Pro is wider, deeper, and taller as compared to the recent model of PS4. One X is a bit taller than it, but PS4 Pro is deeper and wider. It has the same matte plastic, which is throughout the design. Along with it, it has the same rounded corners, and the similar parallelogram profile. The difference is that, it now has 3 levels of deck to it’s portray. There are two USB ports found in the front, which is handy for charging of the controllers, and to connect the PSVR. It also is helpful to USB hard drives. On the other side, it has a particular connector, which can be connected to the PlayStation camera. It also has an HDMI-out, Ethernet out, and a digital optical output. Earlier, the smaller PS4s would be powered by a slim figure-eight cable. But, PS4 Pro needs a chunky kettle lead. You can choose to place order for PS4 Pro online at amazing rates by using AliExpress Coupons India for electronic items.


There has been a great real benefit of PS4 Pro. And that is an update spec. Even though it has the identical eight-core AMD Jaguar CPU as the vanilla version, but the difference is that it is now running at 2.13GHz, rather than 1.6GHz. The primary architecture of the system is similar, that is the 8GB of GDDR5 RAM. The number of its Graphics Core Next Computer Units now contain 36 rather than 18, and clocked up to 911MHz in the place of 800. All this advances the raw performance of the graphics to 4.2 teraflops. Earlier it was only 1.8 teraflops.

HDR, one of PS4 Pro features doesn’t use the additional power.

PS4 Pro Controller:

The controller for new PS4 Pro is the similar one that also will be transported with all systems of PlayStation 4 going forward.

Minor changes have been made. Now, it can be used in different wireless modes, as well as in wired mode. Light bar is joined to the front. It can also switch easily between wire mode and Bluetooth when joined through USB cable.

Distinction between PS4 Pro and PS4:

Though there is not much distinction between PS4 Pro and PS4, as both of them enables you to play the similar games, in which you can use the same stuff and peripherals. Also, you access the alike store of PlayStation. Even after this, when we come to feeling and looks of the game, it totally gives a different and distinct experience. As we all know that, PS4 is Sony’s latest greater premium console. The thing that interests the gamer the most is that it runs the game in 4K that is higher resolution. This makes it more costly and expensive as compared to PS4. This is because it uses a bit more distinct hardware, which is used to get better outcome and performance.


One of the main thing that attracts the user is that it has its first 4K HDR Sony console. The second thing, which draws the gamer on its side is its larger 1TB hard drive. The best pro mode game appears grand.


The thing that takes the interest of the user away is that it does not have 4K Blu-ray player. Its pro mode support varies also. If you are willing to explore some other best online games then you can choose to grab with good offers by using Tata Cliq Sale for electronic gadgets.


If we conclude everything that we had mentioned earlier, we already know that it’s not for everybody. As we can assume that PS4 Pro is almost an overkill for those users who does not have a 4K television installed. But, if you already prepared for HDR gaming, 2160p, or if you plan to do so in future, then it is surely a must buy thing. It will definitely give an amazing experience.

Tranding Indian Hairstyle for Saree

Consider what hair style to choose to organize the unmistakable saris you have. The crucial part going before any haircut is blow and dry your hair. Check our hairstyle

Here Is The List Of Indian Trending Hairstyles For Sarees

Low Twisted Bun

Wear your hair in a low bended bun. This is a critical basic hair style that you can do yourself. All you need is some hairspray to set it and bundles of bobby pins to keep the bun set up. Likewise, the best part is that you don’t have to worry over the bun is immaculate. Essentially curve and stick the bun set up for that obfuscated bun look.

Side Swept Hair

This is possibly the most effortless hair style for sarees that you could do. Just clear your hair to the opposite side, leaving the other shoulder uncovered. Use some serum to control frizz and you are set up to go.

Tight Ponytail

Who says you can’t shake a plait with a saree? Basically make it fairly fancier by adding some poof to the front, or styling your impacts to agilely clear over your forehead. Use a huge amount of styling gel to keep all the stray hairs set up. You needn’t bother with any flyaways to obliterate the effect of a rich ponytail. A smooth, tight steed would look unbelievable with a saree. Still unsure? Empower our Bollywood divas to influence you.

Chaotic Side Braid

Wear your hair in a chaotic side work. This is a contemporary translation of the traditional plait. Instead of a tight impeccable work, go for a messy side entwine to make your hair style on saree progressively present and offbeat.

French Braid

If you don’t have the foggiest thought how to finish a French turn, I insistently propose you learn it. It is a champion among the most adaptable hairstyles for sarees that looks uncommon with a dress, a custom fitted suit, a few shorts, Indian wear and yes a saree also. So once you get the hang of the French plait, guarantee that it will be your go-to haircut for the most part occasions.

Sensitive Curls

Not too bad sensitive turns look phenomenal with a sari. If you have straight hair, use Velcro rollers or a hair styler to make sensitive turns. In case you have wavy hair, use a foe of frizz serum to deal with the frizz and a short time later use a mouse to set your hair in a sensible structure. You have to sensitive winds that look nostalgic and not tight curves that make your hair look like spring.

Bouffant Bun Hairstyle

The bouffant bun would be the perfect regular haircut for sarees. It would be ideal for a half saree hair style or south Indian haircut with blooms

OnePlus 5, OnePlus 5T gets OxygenOS 9.0.4 update; brings Google duo integration, Android security patch & more

OnePlus has started rolling out a new software update (OxygenOS 9.0.4) for OnePlus 5 and 5T users. The latest update for OnePlus 5 and OnePlus 5T brings network stability, Google Duo deep integration and more.

Oneplus 5, OnePlus 5T gets OxygenOS 9.0.4 update

Oneplus 5, OnePlus 5T gets OxygenOS 9.0.4 update

OnePlus has started rolling out a new software update for OnePlus 5 and OnePlus 5T users and the new OxygenOS 9.0.4 update brings in some major improvements, bug fixes and January Android Security Patch. OnePlus in a blog post announced on Saturday that the OxygenOS 9.0.4 update has been released for a limited number of users as of now and the broader rollout will reach to all users in the coming days which means if you haven’t received the update notification yet, then you may receive it in the next couple of days.

The biggest highlight of the latest update is the deep integration of Google Duo and network stability. The integration of Google Duo video calling feature has been made across call logs, contacts, dialling pad and messages. The update will make Duo the primary video calling app on the device and the best part is, if users wish to disable it, they may do so by heading to the settings option.

In addition to this, the update brings in network stability, improved stability for OTA upgrades, bug fixes, system improvements and Android Security Patch.

The changelog of OnePlus 5 and OnePlus 5T OxygenOS 9.0.4 update includes-

  1. Updated Android security patch to 2019.1
  2. Improved stability for OTA upgrade
  3. General bug fixes and system improvements
  4. Deep integration with Google Duo
  5. Improved network stability

OnePlus 5 and 5T users will directly get a notification once the OxygenOS 9.0.4 update is ready for their devices. If you haven’t received the notification then you may head to settings, then tap on System and click on Software updates. Separately, the company recently also revealed that both the devices will also get Android 9 Pie update really soon.


Five Tips To Identify The Cycle of Failure and Stand Out

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When success is on the line (or maybe the fence), there comes a time when all the expertise from every guru in the world doesn’t seem to be fixing your problem. You may be left to throwing your magic wands in the air in frustration or banging your head against a cubicle. This is precisely when it’s time to start taking notice of the pattern of your office experience. You will probably begin by identifying the repetitive nature of your pain and motivate yourself to take action. That’s the perfect place to start. My job is to track the pain to the root. Treating symptoms doesn’t work in medicine, and it sure doesn’t work in business. But first, it is important to insure that you are not just facing a simple missed opportunity with a turn-key solution such as the need to develop a solid strategy or take a refresher course in cold calling. Once we know that the traditional solutions have been exhausted, we can hone in on an exact diagnosis and begin a treatment plan. Are you experiencing any of the following?

All arrows point to the same issue, but you can’t get the issue to change. That ‘issue’ may in fact be a person. A supervisor, a key administrator or a subject matter expert. Regardless, the more you try to control someone or something, the less control you have! Lots of times this is simply down to people. The lifeblood, and often bane, of a company. Get your recruitment interviewing techniques honed and you’ll find yourself with people that will help your business, not hinder it.

Wash, rinse, repeat. Wash, rinse, repeat. You and your team are in a vicious cycle, and no matter how much you try to clean it up, the issue just keeps resurfacing – oftentimes with greater vigour than the time before.

There’s no easy fix. Everyone on the team has an opinion, and sure enough they will talk about it among themselves. No doubt in the hallways and behind closed doors. Nevertheless, the real problem is that if it were as easy to solve as the gossip insinuates, you wouldn’t need to read this article. Just go do whatever it is everyone thinks you should do. If it fails, come back and finish reading.

Blame is no longer a game. It’s a way of life. You’re blaming yourself. The team is blaming each other. Someone is blaming you and another is blaming your boss. Someone else is blaming the former administration and another is blaming his/her own predecessor. The bottom line is that no one knows what the real problem is, much less how to fix it.

A low quality of work life has become a norm. Just like a body ailment that goes untreated, over time you just get used to it. And then one day someone comes along and states the obvious: “This is not acceptable.” Oh yeah, you think to yourself, it probably isn’t.

Your MBA isn’t helping, the training your team mastered isn’t cutting it, and none of the leadership skills you learned in all your seminars is making a difference. What then? That’s when you know that there’s an unconscious pattern in your environment. A deep-seeded belief that probably started with one person and like a virus, infected the entire vicinity until it changed the group dynamic.

Beliefs drive behaviour, and over time it is the marriage of the two that wreaks havoc on the environment and your team’s inability to break through to measurable success. It may be true that you can’t change what you don’t own. The real problem is when you don’t know what to own. That’s when it’s time to identify the pattern of your pain. Then follow the trail down the rabbit hole. You and your team will have to challenge – and probably change – your beliefs. And while this is no small task, it will not only stop your vicious cycle. It will create a victorious one.

The Intersection of Social Media and Crowdfunding: Building a New Marketplace

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The change in the consumer landscape is apparent. Think about how the Internet has changed the way you choose what to buy. Say you’re in the market to buy a new bike. Are you going to watch TV or listen to radio ads to figure out what brand is the best? Odds are you’ll type something along the lines of “What’s the best bike to buy?” into Google and end up reading bike blogs and consumer reviews. This more communal take to product buying is what has influenced the Triberr Influencer Marketing Campaigns, a program in which influential bloggers are paid to promote products.

Because the Internet has changed the way consumers buy things, it has subsequently changed the way products are marketed. Social media has given people from across the globe the ability to connect instantly, creating a globalized marketplace that is accessible to just about anyone. An accessible globalized marketplace gives average people — entrepreneurs, innovators, and artists — the means to access consumers and build and promote their own brand without the backing of a more prestigious and institutionalized company.

With the proper usage of social media, an average person can accrue a following, build their own brand and even become an influencer or industry leader. The ease of global connection creates a world where everyone has the capability of becoming his or her own branded business and now, emerging technology has found a way to provide these people with a way to raise funds for their product ideas or creative projects.

Crowdfunding and social media

Crowdfunding is a relatively new concept that many people are still unfamiliar with. Crowdfunding is a means for businesses, entrepreneurs, innovators and artists to raise funds for their business or creative projects prior to their creation. The ability to crowdfund from an existing network and fan base allows branded people and businesses to mitigate some of the financial risk associated with the production of a new product or creative project. Furthermore, crowdfunding also allows them to gauge the initial market viability of the project. Crowdfunding is most successful when used by people who have branded themselves on the Internet. People who have used social media to connect with their audience, build a loyal following and become an influencer in their industry will be able to utilize their connections to fund their project.

Most crowdfunding platforms operate on a rewards system, which means the creator of a crowdfunding campaign creates rewards levels — various different incentives a supporter receives in exchange for their monetary pledge towards the campaign. Now we have a model where consumers are not just helping to fund the products they want to see produced, but they are often times receiving the product as a reward at a later date, almost like advanced purchasing.

With the introduction of crowdfunding, the global consumer marketplace is evolving once again. Now, consumers have the ability to become the gatekeepers, deciding what products they would like produced. This invert of the consumer pipeline does come with it’s troubles. People who have had unexpected success funding their product are often unprepared for the fulfilment – from badly formatted excel spreadsheets tracking customers to production scheduling that is non-existent. It’s a new world for someone who is usually fairly unprepared.

The world is becoming smaller and social media, blogging, and now crowdfunding will continue to change the landscape of how businesses are created, products are funded, and art is produced. Global accessibility provides average people with the means to do extraordinary things if they use the proper tools in an effective manner. What has been your experience with crowdfunding successful or otherwise?

Apple’s FaceTime eavesdropping bug resolved with new iOS 12.1.4 update: What’s new

Apple has finally released the iOS 12.1.4 update to fix the FaceTime eavesdropping bug. The new iOS 12.1.4 update for Apple devices is available to download on iPhones and iPads.

Apple releases new iOS 12.1.4 update to fix FaceTime bug

Apple releases new iOS 12.1.4 update to fix FaceTime bug

Apple has released the new iOS 12.1.4 update for iPhone and iPad users to fix the FaceTime eavesdropping bug along with this; the latest iOS update also comes with a fix for two-zero days security threats. iPhone and iPad users can now download the iOS 12.1.4 update which is now available via OTA update. However, devices with iOS version 12.1.3 will still not be able to use FaceTime.

The FaceTime eavesdropping bug was exposed last month where the users were able to eavesdrop or overhear the audio and video of the person they were calling on FaceTime even when the phone was unanswered. Owing to the issue, Apple faced a backlash from the users over privacy concerns with FaceTime. Consequently, Apple had to take down the FaceTime app because of the issue.

But, now Apple has resolved the issue and have released a new iOS 12.1.4 update which means Apple users will now be able to use the FaceTime app on their devices error-free. While introducing the latest update on its support page, Apple stated, “A logic issue existed in the handling of Group FaceTime calls. The issue was addressed with improved state management.”

How to Download new iOS 12.1.4 update on iPhones and iPads

The new iOS 12.1.4 update is compatible with iPhones and iPads. To start using the FaceTime feature on your device again, Apple users will have to head to Settings and then tap on General where users will find an option ‘Software Update’. A list of instructions will be provided for users to help them download the latest update on their devices.


New WhatsApp beta update for Android allows users to download single sticker

New WhatsApp beta update for Android allows users to download single sticker

WhatsApp is having a busy 2019. It has been adding new features every other day and now with the new beta release the Facebook-owned company has added another nifty feature. The WhatsApp for Android beta version 2.19.33 gives the messenger app the ability to download a single sticker from a pack. Earlier, there was no option to download a single sticker and the users had to download the whole pack even if they wanted only one sticker from the pack. The beta testers for the WhatsApp can check this new feature before it is made available for everyone.

In case you are a beta tester, you can update your WhatsApp Messenger to the new Android beta version 2.19.33. After downloading the update, open the in-app WhatsApp Stickers Store and long press on a sticker in a stickers pack you have not downloaded yet. WhatsApp will then prompt to ask if you want to save that sticker as favourite. It will show you the download size of the single sticker and offer a download option at the bottom for saving the sticker in the app.

First spotted by WhatsApp beta news tracker WABetaInfo, the ability to download just one sticker is very useful. First of all it will save your phone’s space and will make your sticker menu uncluttered. It will be nice to have the relevant stickers at your disposal. It also saves valuable internet data for all the limited pack users.

WABetaInfo also said that the Android 2.19.33 beta update also indicates that WhatsApp plans to introduce its WhatsApp Pay feature in some more countries like Mexico and USA. It also added that the new features about private sharing in groups and improvements for stories would also be introduced soon.

Earlier in February 2018, WhatsApp had introduced WhatsApp Payments in India for both Android and iOS apps. However, the Payments feature got stuck in the regulatory hurdles and has not taken off yet.