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Add Missing Businesses to Google Maps Via the iOS App

by onkar

The changelog of the most recent update to the Google Maps iOS app reveals that one of the new features is the ability to “easily add new and missing businesses from the sidebar.”

It’s exactly as easy as it sounds. Here’s how to add a new business to Google Maps via the iOS app:

  • Tap on the hamburger icon to reveal the menu
  • Tap on ‘add a missing business’, at the bottom of the menu underneath Settings.
  • Fill out the required information: name, address, category.
  • Fill out optional information if you wish: phone number, website, hours, etc.
  • Submit the listing.

Anyone with the Google account and the iOS app is able to do this — so next time you visit a business that is not located on the map you can do them a favor and add a listing.

Alternatively, you can add your own business to Maps using this method if you haven’t already — but I suspect it will primarily be used to add listings for others.


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