Ahead Of Launch, Evolution of Nexus Phones Over the Years

BANGALORE: In Smartphone market, the progress of the manufacturer is noted by the innovations that are introduced in their flagship devices. But with Google, it is a totally different story, the search giant only work on the Operating System that powers the device.

The Android OS from the firm became the main cause for the evolution of Smartphone in a less time. Alongside the new OS from Google, the firm chose the different manufacturers to produce Nexus devices over the time. The evolution of Nexus is another important turning point in the Smartphone industry, which uplifted the benchmark with every addition of Nexus Smartphones. Here is the evolution of Nexus compiled by PhoneArena.

The first Nexus Smartphone was manufactured by HTC, the phone came with a trackball on it to make the precise selection and it met the requirements. The device spotted with then contemporary chipset and flaunted Android 2.1 Éclair as the OS.

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