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Amazon UK Wants Its Customers To Ditch Their Potentially Dangerous Hoverboards

by onkar


A smattering of reported incidents that involved two-wheel self-balancing scooters spontaneously bursting into flames spurred the launch of an official U.S. investigation conducted by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) into the safety of hoverboard use and plans to draw up recognized safety standards. It also led to concentrated efforts by Amazon to pull pages and links of non-domestic hoverboard manufacturers whose products might pose a threat to customers of its site, with its UK branch now deciding to strongly urge customers to return their boards immediately for a full refund.

The Telegraph originally reported that Amazon UK has begun e-blasting consumers who ordered the red-painted model of the RioRand Two Wheels Self Balancing Electric Scooter, which comes with a key switch. According to Ars Technica UK, the message says that Amazon UK claimed to have received information about hoverboards being equipped with plugs that are not UK-compliant and therefore potentially unsafe.

Amazon UK’s alarm is two-pronged: the hoverboard is currently the hottest product on demand this holiday season, and its widespread popularity could prove to have possibly fatal results.

Lewis Dawkins, the hoverboard customer who forwarded the email to the Telegraph, also informed the newspaper that he had owned a two-wheeler for four months and had not encountered any issues since its purchase.

Here is a reproduced copy of the email in full:

“Subject: Attention: Important Product Notification Regarding Your Amazon.co.uk Order

Dear Customer,

We’ve received information that your order purchased through the Amazon.co.uk website is unsafe for use as this product is supplied with a non-compliant UK plug.

Please dispose of this product in a WEEE certified location as soon as possible. Please follow this link to view the nearest WEEE certified location: www.recycle-more.co.uk. For more information on Recycling Electrical or Electronic Equipment (WEEE), please see our help page: WEEE help page.

We’ve requested a refund to the payment card associated with your order, which should be processed within 2 to 3 business days. Please note, this doesn’t include your bank’s processing time. You’ll see this amount credited on your next statement.

When the refund is complete, we’ll send you an e-mail letting you know the date, amount and payment details. Completed refunds information can be viewed in Your Account once you’ve received a confirmation e-mail from us. You can view completed refunds in Your Orders, https://www.amazon.co.uk/your-orders , by selecting ‘Order Details’.

Please note the refund was applied to the purchaser’s account. If you purchased this product as a gift for someone, please notify the recipient and provide them with this information.

We regret the inconvenience this may cause you but trust you will understand that your safety and satisfaction is our highest priority.


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