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Android Wear v1.4 App Reportedly Causing Issues; Users Lament Pulled Features

by onkar

It appears the Android Wear v1.4 update for the companion app, which rolled out earlier this month, and packed in more features than anticipated, also has some bugs that you weren’t expecting. Several users are reporting issues on their Android Wear watches after installing the recent software update.

Many users have taken to Google Play to report issues the new update has caused on their timepiece. Some users note connectivity issues, while many are complaining about their device getting disconnected for no reason. Some users are unable to pair their devices, while some report terrible battery life, and stability quirks. There are few people who are seeing apps and watch faces disappear from their device, reports Android Police.

These issues aren’t the only things irking users, however. Some people are upset by the company’s decision to remove some handy features from Android Wear software. The company removed the battery statistics and disconnect toggle. Few users are requesting Google to bring these features back.

Google is yet to acknowledge the issue, and at this point, there is no clear time-frame as to when you can expect these bugs to be squashed. Some users are, however, reporting that resetting the watch, and uninstalling the Android Wear companion app, is fixing the bugs for them. You can also try your luck downgrading to the Android Wear v1.3 companion app. But perhaps it is in your best interest to wait for the company to roll out an update.


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