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Anthony Joshua Vs. Andy Ruiz Live Blog, Round-By-Round Analysis, Scorecards And Results

by Loknath Das

Andy Ruiz Jr v Anthony Joshua 2 - Weigh In

WBO, WBA and IBF Heavyweight Champion Andy Ruiz will rematch Anthony Joshua tonight in Saudi Arabia. I’ll be live blogging the fight covering and scoring each round as it happens. The undercard is complete with a variety of interesting results. Be sure to check those out below as well.

Refresh and scroll down to see the latest results and developments at the Diriyah Arena, in Diriyah.

Programming Note

Expected Start Time: 4:30 pm ET

Undercard Results

  • Dillian Whyte def. Mariusz Wach (UD)
  • Filip Hrgovic def. Eric Molina (KO3)
  • Michael Hunter vs. Alexander Povetkin (Draw)
  • Diego Pacheco def. Selemani Saidi (KO1)

Ruiz Claims He Had Massive Weight Gain on Weigh-In Day

According to a pre-fight interview with DAZN’s Chris Mannix, Ruiz said he weighed in at 268 for his own personal weigh-in on Friday, but he gained 15 pounds ahead of the official particulars later that day. OK, Andy.

The Walkouts Have Begun!!!

“Sweet Caroline” begins blaring over the sound system in the stadium ahead of Joshua making his walk. The response is not as spirited as it is when the iconic song is played ahead of a major bout in the United Kingdom. Still, it’s nice to see such a great boxing tradition going all over the globe.

“Anthony Joshua” chants have begun and Michael Buffer has the Brit’s fans prepped.

Joshua has emerged from the back, walking in as the challenger, by himself with no team or entourage. He looks serious, focused, unmanicured and seemingly ready for the challenge.

Ruiz follows him with a more glitzy version of his signature furry hoodie. The champion is luminous with gold trunks and top. He walks to the ring amid some beautiful special effects and an ode to his Mexican heritage playing on the sound system.

The big fight feel is in place.

The national anthems for the United States and the United Kingdom go over through the loud speaker as a symphony without any performers. The Mexican national anthem was sung live.

This will likely get the action going quicker, but it’s a departure from what we’re used to seeing in big fights.

This is a major Joshua crowd. The former champion is getting an ovation upon every mention, and the response is drastically different for Ruiz.

Ruiz-Joshua Round-by-Round Results

Round 1

Very good first round for Joshua. He boxed effectively at range and worked behind his jab. Joshua looks so much leaner and quicker. Joshua claimed the round definitively with a hard and fast right hand that opened a cut over Ruiz’s left eye. Ruiz looks much heavier with visible flab.

Mazique’s Score: Joshua 10-9

Round 2

Joshua opening up a bit more with some power shots. At this pace, Joshua can hit Ruiz at will. If he stays disciplined, he will win an easy decision or stop Ruiz in the middle to late rounds. The two men exchanged left hooks, but this was another Joshua round.

Mazique Score: Joshua 10-9 (20-18)

Round 3

Joshua’s jab and movement are still ruling the day. Ruiz is pursuing, but he is unable to close the distance at the moment. Joshua takes another round by controlling the action in a quiet round.

Mazique Score: Joshua 10-9 (30-27)

Round 4

This was another Joshua round on the strength of his jab, but there is some cause for concern. His movement appeared to be a bit slowed, and Ruiz is getting closer with some of his shots. Joshua is also fighting a little less disciplined. His corner needs to get him back on track and in control.

Mazique Score: Joshua 10-9 (40-36)

Round 5

Joshua is putting on a boxing clinic. He was a little more calm and composed in the fifth. He re-established the jab he somewhat abandoned in the fourth round. I agree with DAZN’s Mannix. Joshua needs to start jabbing the body. Changing levels could open up a KO.

Mazique Score: Joshua 10-9 (50-45)

Round 6

More dominant jab work from Joshua as Ruiz’s offense is sparse in this fight. Joshua almost got caught in a fire fight when he was hit with a left hook, but he quickly regained control of the round. It’s a shutout on my card so far.

Mazique Score: Joshua 10-9 (60-54)

Round 7

Joshua is definitely slowing down. He is trying to maintain a difficult pace. This is leading to him throwing harder shots and fighting more flat footed. Ruiz hasn’t been able to make him pay, but he is now getting more opportunities to throw his combinations. Joshua still takes the round, but it could be getting interesting.

Mazique Score: Joshua 10-9 (70-63)

Round 8

Ruiz is beginning to get inside Joshua’s head. The little inside, borderline dirty shots are frustrating Joshua. They’re also getting him to fight outside his gameplan. Mix that in with some fatigue and Ruiz claims the first round of the fight on my card.

Mazique Score: Ruiz 10-9 (79-73 for Joshua)

Round 9

Joshua regained control of the momentum with a more controlled and smart approach. He also appeared to have more spring in his step. The jab and a few well-placed power shots gave him the round without question.

Joshua was aware enough to avoid wild exchanges. This was a great comeback after a shaky eighth round.

Mazique Score: Joshua 10-9 (89-82 for Joshua)

Round 10

Chalk up another round for Joshua again working behind the jab. Ruiz is running out of time to get the KO he needs to get this victory and maintain his championships.

Mazique Score: Joshua 10-9 (99-91 for Joshua)

Round 11

The 11th round was very quiet. Joshua’s movement and jab were still in effect, but Ruiz did land a few left hooks. Still, Joshua dictated the identity of the round as he has throughout the entire fight. If he is smart in the 12th, he’ll regain his belts.

Mazique Score: Joshua 10-9 (109-100)

Round 12

Joshua stayed smart as a visibly frustrated Ruiz begged him to trade on the inside of the ring. This is a boxing match, and not a fight. Ruiz wanted and needed the latter, Joshua insisted upon the former and should skate to a redeeming victory.

Mazique Score: Joshua 10-9 (119-109)

Official Scorecards

  • Glen Feldman and Benoit Roussel: 118-110
  • Steve Gray 119-109

The right decision was delivered with this result and now Ruiz has some questions to answer about his seriousness and professionalism. Wilder looks like a weight of 1,000 pounds has been lifted off him.

There should be no disrespect for this victory. Joshua did what he needed to do to win.


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