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Comcast Brings Stream TV Service Without Data Caps To Chicago

by onkar

Comcast Stream TV

Comcast’s Stream TV service has reached the Chicago metropolitan area, offering access to live TV channels of major broadcast networks to Xfinity Internet-only subscribers. This rollout comes with plans to make it completely available on Comcast’s service area by early next year.

The Stream TV won’t be counting against the 300 GB data caps implemented in certain areas. Ars Technica got in touch with Comcast to confirm the details of the new streaming cable TV service.

“No, Stream is an IP cable service delivered over our managed network to the home,” a spokesperson of Comcast tells the technology news website in response to the inquiry about the service’s effect on data plans.

Comcast clarifies the details further on its FAQ page, answering the question of whether or not Stream TV will use data of subscribers’ Xfinity Internet monthly data usage allowance.

“Stream TV is a cable streaming service delivered over Comcast’s cable system, not over the Internet. Therefore, Stream TV data usage will not be counted towards your XFINITY Internet monthly data usage,” Comcast says on its support page.

Also, Stream TV won’t use up subscribers’ allotted Internet bandwidth, which means that customers under 50 Mbps plans will still be able to use 50 Mbps connection speed while Stream TV is running.

With thousands of on-demand movies and shows, Stream TV will be a reliable source of entertainment, and it can be used across multiple devices. As long as Wi-Fi is available, customers will be able to watch live TV anytime and anywhere on phones, tablets and laptops.

Subscribers will get to enjoy channels such as HBO, ABC, CBS, CW, FOX, NBC, PBS,Telemundo and Univision, along with premium channels such as HBO Comedy and HBO Family. Also, most channels are available in HD.

 Stream TV is priced at $15 a month, with the first month free. Subscribers will get immediate access to the service after signing up — no technician, no contracts or anything else is required.

“We want to make ordering and accessing Stream TV as simple as possible for our customers and let them start watching favorite content as quickly as possible,” Matt Strauss, executive VP and general manager of video services for Comcast Cable, says.


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