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Experience Shooting Out Of A Cannon At A Safe Distance With A GoPro

by onkar

GoPro Cannon

If you’re an Evel Knievel at heart but more of a cautious and calculated Velma or a scaredy-cat Shaggy from Scooby-Doo in reality, the GoPro Cannon might give you enough thrills for a lifetime, letting users experience what it’s like to be shot out of — you guessed it — a pneumatic cannon.

Created by Eclectical Engineering, the GoPro Cannon provides a first-person POV for a death-defying stunt with a 100 percent no-injury guarantee. That’s by way of an air-powered cannon (equipped with a 2.5-inch barrel and made with “an unruly amalgamation of PVC pipe fittings and Amazon Prime-able hardware”) and a 3D-printed cannonball, which allows for a GoPro attachment — more explicitly, a GoPro Hero4 Session, which GoPro touts as its smallest and lightest model to date. The camera itself captures and produces 1080p60 video and 8-MP photos.

The launch wasn’t all fun and games and did involve some on-the-wire timing and precision, according to a post on the Eclectical Engineering website. “We have to catch the projectile before it hits the ground,” the project team explained, “partially to protect the GoPro from pulverization, and also because it proves that projectile motion equations (and physics in general) are accurate.”



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