GGMM’s E3 Wireless Speaker Doesn’t Require A Smartphone For Cloud Music Streaming


CES is still technically a full week away, but who can blame a startup for trying to get ahead of the curve? GGMM is using the mid-holiday lull to show off a wireless speaker that shares its name with another prominent technology conference.

The E3 is compelling as far as portable speakers go, packing some interesting functionality into a compact body. The headline here is the device’s ability to stream music via cloud-based services like Pandora, Spotify and the like without needing to be connected directly to a mobile device.

Naturally, the functionality is increased when the speaker/alarm clock/device charger is connected directly to an Android or iOS handset. Using the company’s proprietary app, users can create customizable presets and take turns playing music through different devices.

(Photo : GGMM)

The E3 connects via AUX or Bluetooth and features two 2.5-inch speakers and a built-in bass booster. It’ll be making its debut at CES next week and will be landing on Kickstarter later in the year.