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Google Decides Google+ is a Place For Communities and Collections

by onkar

Google+ no longer has an identity crisis — across the web and mobile the social network has been reimagined a home on the web for communities and collections.

Say what you will about Google+, but one thing that’s hard to deny is that it never had a well-defined purpose.

Why engage on Google+ as opposed to Facebook? Or Twitter? Or any other network for that matter? Google+ never set out to satisfy any particular niche — you could argue that it tried to do too many things for too many people.

The “new” Google+ knows what it’s about and who it wants to target:

“There were two features they kept coming back to: Communities, which now average 1.2 million new joins per day, and Collections, which launched just five months ago and is growing even faster… these are the places on Google+ where people around the world are spending their time discovering and sharing things they love.”

It sounds as though the users have helped guide the direction of Google+, carving a niche when one had not been spelled out for them.

Google describes its redesigned social network as being simpler and more mobile-friendly. You can experience it now by updating your mobile app, or by opting-in to the new experience on desktop.


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