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Google Faces Creationists’ Wrath For Lucy The Australopithecus Doodle

by onkar

Google Doodle Lucy the Australopithecus

Google is drawing flak from creationists over the recent Google Doodle of Lucy the Australopithecus celebrating the 41st anniversary of her discovery.

Lucy is a primate considered to be an early ancestor of humans, where 47 of her 206 bones were unearthed in Ethiopia back in 1974. Thanks to the discovery, scientists were able to determine that she was able to walk upright.

Interestingly, her name is believed to come from The Beatles’ song “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.”

As everyone can imagine, Google Doodles are fun, informative, and occasionally interactive or animated twists on the search engine’s logo. The subject of Lucy may have seemed innocuous enough to use as a Doodle, but apparently, it rubbed some online users the wrong way. Offended proponents of creationism took things to Twitter, where their tweets started out with skepticism and quickly escalated to angry reactions.

While anger levels have been steadily rising, at some point, some people have blown up.

One scientist complained about the Google Doodle, but for a different reason. David Winter pointed out that the progress of evolution is not as linear as Google shows.

This isn’t the first time Google has faced criticisms over its Doodles, as white supremacists got angry over the company’s Veteran’s Day Doodle that featured various races earlier this month.

To wrap things up, it’s worth mentioning that Google is by no means biased, as the search engine did give a creationist answer to a question about dinosaurs in the past.


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