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Google Sends Project Fi Users Lego Kits: Here’s What The Early Holiday Gift Looks Like

by onkar

Google Fi Holiday Gift

Project Fi, Google’s foray into becoming a wireless carrier, is entirely unconventional. However, since the service’s announcement and launch earlier in the year, subscribers have mostly been happy with it, save for a few drawbacks such as lacking handset support and the invitation requirement to join Project Fi.

Google remains committed to the service, however, and the company has shown appreciation to Project FI’s supporters that are growing it to become better for all its users.

Google has sent out holiday gifts for Project Fi subscribers, with several users posting on their Google+ accounts that they have received their gifts. The holiday gifts contain Lego kits with a message that says, “Thanks for your support. Let’s build on this.” The colors of the Lego kits match the colors of the service of green, blue, yellow and white.

The Lego bricks can be used to build anything, of course, but the purpose of the bricks was so users can build a charging stand for smartphones. The message packed along with the holiday gift is in front of an instructional booklet showing Project Fi subscribers how to build the stand.

The kit also seemingly can be configured to serve as a cable organizer.

This is not the first that Google has sent out to subscribers of Project Fi, as several users have received free accessories for Project Fi to be used with the Nexus 6 and Project Fi subscription that they purchased.

Not all of the subscribers of Project Fi seem to be receiving the holiday gifts though, and Google has released a support page to explain who does and who does not get a Lego kit.

According to Google, users that ordered a SIM, Nexus 5X or Nexus 6P from Project Fi on or before Nov. 8 and have activated the service by Nov. 19 will be eligible for the holiday gift while supplies last, and so will Project Fi subscribers that did so after Nov. 9, and also while supplies last. Subscribers that purchased the service on or before Nov. 8 but did not activate Project Fi by Nov. 19 or cancelled the service by Nov. 19 will not be eligible for the holiday gift.

Google said that it has started shipping the holiday gifts to eligible Project Fi subscribers on Nov. 24.

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