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Google to Roll Out Accelerated Mobile Pages to Everyone, Get Your Content Ready Now

by onkar



Google announced its plans to roll out accelerated mobile pages in February 2016, following successful testing of the new technology.

The search giant first unveiled its AMP technology two months ago, touting it as an open-source content delivery platform that can load web pages instantly after being clicked on from a Google search.

Initially, this technology was tested with a select few publishers. Now, by late February, everyone will be able to take advantage of the new technology.

You don’t have to wait until then to get your content ready. You shouldn’t wait, either. According to Google’s John Mueller, this is going to be “next year’s hottest new website technology.”

Mueller also added that if you’re a web developer, you’re most certainly going to be asked about it. Whether you’re an SEO, a developer, or just website owner — it’s best to become acquainted with this new technology now and start implementing it.

Creating an Accelerated Mobile Page

To get started, create your first AMP page following the instructions and code provided by Google on this web page.

In the page linked to above, Google walks you through the simple steps of creating an AMP page. This consists of adding a piece of boilerplate code, adding a marked up image, and then styling the page using CSS.

When all your code and markup is in place, you can validate it using a tool provided by Google in the walkthrough. If the code validates, you can then publish your first AMP page.

From what I can tell, these are steps that will have to be followed for all content you wish to turn into AMP pages going forward. If you want a head start, you can start creating AMP pages now.

Google is encouraging publishers to get started as soon as possible, adding: “Content you publish to your sites today will be eligible to show up in the demo now, and soon in Google search.”

According to Mueller, a lot more information about the AMP project will be coming in the new year.


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