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Hillary Clinton Wants All Americans To Be Equipped With High-Speed Internet Access By 2020

by onkar

Hillary Clinton

If Hillary Clinton has her way, all Americans will get to experience the power of high-speed Internet access.

That’s precisely why the 2016 presidential hopeful has rolled out with her plans to empower all Americans with faster broadband connections, as part of her five-year, $275 billion infrastructure blueprint.

“It means giving all American households access to world-class broadband and creating connected ‘smart cities’ with infrastructure that’s part of tomorrow’s Internet of Things,” Clinton’s plan says.

The blueprint adds: “High-speed internet access is not a luxury; it is a necessity for equal opportunity and social mobility in a 21st century economy.”

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If she becomes the next president, Clinton’s plan is to bring 100 percent of American households to sufficient Internet speeds by 2020, even stating that she’s willing to fight broadband providers to see to it that the mammoth undertaking gets done.

Her effort will build upon the Obama Administration’s initiatives to bolster broadband access and adoption from 4G to 5G networks. As an extra wrinkle to those efforts, Clinton especially wants to equip public schools and libraries with high-speed broadband access to be utilized as “anchor” institutions, according to her plans.

Not all of her $275 billion blueprint is focused on technology, though, as a big chunk of that is to restore shaky bridges and deteriorated roads.

Still, while all of this sounds swell, the first step is for Clinton to be named the next president. Even then, politicians can promise the world, but delivering is an entirely different issue. But there’s no doubt that the entire country being connected and equipped with high-speed Internet access will make for a more productive U.S.



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