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IBM’s Watson Predicts Cyber Monday’s Top Products And Trends

by onkar


IBM’s Watson is capable of predicting way more important things.

But for now, it’s all about Cyber Monday and Watson is not only predicting higher sales, but also the tech items expected to sell the best.

According to an IBM press release, Cyber Monday online sales will increase by upwards of 18 percent, in comparison to 2014, with products from Samsung, Sony, LG TVs, the Apple Watch and Beats by Dre headphones/speakers expected to be the most desired in consumer electronics.

The IBM Watson Trend app is also predicting Nike sneakers, the Skylanders interactive video game and action figures, Star Wars Droids and hoverboards to be amongst the most-popular items this year.

Meanwhile, the fastest-trending products for Cyber Monday include everything from the Nintendo 3DS XL to Brother and Epson printers, the Motorola Moto X cell phone and JBL speakers.

Watson also predicts that strong weekend sales will power the way for a successful Cyber Monday.


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