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Internet backlash ensues over Budweiser’s rebrand as ‘America’

by Rajdeep


Yesterday, Budweiser announced that it would be taking its annual summer patriotic makeover to new heights by replacing its own name with “America” on cans and bottles.

The brand is hoping to solidify itself at the pinnacle of patriotism and reinforce the fact that it has dominated the U.S. beer market for years.

“We thought nothing was more iconic than Budweiser and nothing was more iconic than America,” Tosh Hall, the creative director at Budweiser’s branding firm, JKR told Co.Design.

In addition to proudly calling itself America, the new label will also include the Latin phrase which appears on the American seal, “E pluribus unum,” Latin for “One out of many,” and other touches that scream U.S. of A.

But as news of the rebrand broke, Internet backlash was swift, varied and, in some cases, fierce.

 Many pointed to the fact that Budweiser (which was purchased by Belgian-Brazilian InBev in 2008) is no longer an American company:

The new cans and bottles are set to debut May 23 and, since we’re in an election year, will be available through November, says  Budweiser.

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