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Iraq: 3RP Monthly Update – June 2017: Education

by Loknath Das

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79,618 refugee children are aged 3-17 years as of June, 2017. Of these, 57,601 are school aged (6-17 years). Currently, 30,004 are so far enrolled in formal education and 11,283 in nonformal education.


57,601 Syrian school aged refugee children (6-17 years) are residing in Iraq, 98% in the KRI. 32,971 are spread into urban, peri-urban and rural communities, while 24,630 are in camps. Of these 30,004 children enrolled in formal primary or secondary education as of June while 11,283 are participating in non-formal education in camps and non-camp settings across Iraq.

A training session was provided to partner staff on protection principles, education and Refugee Assistance Information System (RAIS) in Erbil. The training aimed at enhancing the capacity of participants on protection principles, access and use of RAIS in order to update the process and assistance provided to higher education students and also to make data entry for the new intakes.

A profile has been created for DAFI scholars to ensure full engagement of scholars, the exercise mapped the talents and interest of the scholars with a view of planning and matching with a broad range of activities in the summer.

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