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Learn The New Rules of Digital Marketing

by Loknath Das

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Learn to create, analyse and optimise a digital content strategy today, with BoF’s Digital Marketing course. Click here, to view the full online course and watch the trailer.

NEW YORK, United States — Digital communication channels have changed marketing beyond recognition over the last 10 years. Yet fashion continues to be a laggard in adopting new and innovative ways of reaching its consumer. That’s why BoF has partnered with Paper Communications’ Drew Elliott to create an exclusive online BoF Education course.

In this self-directed course, Elliott and BoF created a playbook for success in digital marketing today, sharing best practices for paid and organic marketing strategies — as well as how to work with influencers and create or commission content that will engage and excite audiences.

“This course is for everyone who wants to get ahead in communications and marketing… whether you need a brush up, or you are just starting your career in digital. Nothing is more important to my business, and anyone’s business for that matter, than having new talent who are digital thinkers and there is no better thing to inform you about the internet than the internet itself. Today, you have to know what’s happening in the ecosystem of the internet,” explains Elliott.

Elliott’s career at Paper Communications has seen him transition from intern to co-owner and creative director of the renowned New York publishing and marketing company. Perhaps best known for his ability to #BreakTheInternet, initially with a cover concept featuring a naked Kim Kardashian shot by Jean-Paul Goude, which drove over 14 million users to PAPER’s online channels in 2 days, Elliott is increasingly the man the fashion industry looks to for inspiration and innovation in digital marketing.

Having honed his craft through career stints at Ketchum Agency and theAudience, Elliott brings a unique blend of experiential, editorial and digital experience to his work. Drawing on his broad range of experience, Elliott shares his formula of “math plus magic”: combining creativity and analytics to create audience engagement and potential virality, as well as deep dives into social media, video strategies, working with influencers and live-streaming. Finally, Elliot will also share exclusive insights from his #BreakTheInternet campaign with Kim Kardashian in a case study explaining his four-step model to manage content production, “SPAM”: Strategy, Production, Amplification and Measurement.

Learn the market-leading formulas that could transform your business’ marketing strategy through access to over 10 hours of exclusive video content and interactive learning materials which can be completed at any time.

Learn to create, analyse and optimise a digital content strategy today, including social media, video, influencers and live streaming strategies. Click here, to view the full online course.

What you will learn when taking the course?

In this course, you’re going to learn so many different things about the tools, the platforms, the teams and the talent that make up a successful digital marketing strategy. I want to focus on the three main topics that we’re covering. The first is that digital is everything. It’s replacing traditional ways and modes that we use to talk to people and is becoming the main conversation and main vehicle for consuming content, for promotion and getting your brand out there.

The second is that I’m going to let you in on a little bit of the secret sauce behind #BreakTheInternet. That’s starts with the recipe that I call math plus magic. The math side is the analytics, the audience segmentation and all the science that really helps on the distribution side of things. Whereas the magic is the content, the creation of amazing images, videos, and the things that are going to excite the audience.

The third piece is that as an industry and as audiences, we are moving into the age of entertainment. Instead of becoming publishing companies, instead of becoming content creators, I am going to explain why I believe brands need to become more like entertainment companies to succeed today.

What defines your approach to marketing today?

I see content like tofu. It can be anything you want it to be. It just depends on what spices that you put into it and how you serve it. It can replace advertising. It can turn editorial into something that’s exciting, popularise a fashion show… anything.

My approach began when I wanted to start putting all the things that I knew together. The publishing: the full fantasy, the editorial, the brilliant pictures. I wanted to add in all of the nightclub work. How can I popularise and turn things into events? I wanted to include the agency work, and really understand how can I work with big brands to bring the company scale and bring in the sponsorship dollars that I need. And then on the social media and digital side, how can I take all of those amazing pieces and turn them into popular content that could reach large audiences for zero dollars. Being a content creator is like being a venture capitalist. You put out 10 pieces for one to be a success, but that one success — it can be a huge.


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