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LEVL Fitness Tracker Smells Users’ Breath To Detect Fat Burned During A Workout

by onkar

LEVL Fitness Tracker Smells Users Breath To Detect Fat Burned During A Workout

Fitness enthusiasts can probably gauge whether or not they’ve had a good workout by the amount of sweat their bodies release during their activity.

Of course — thanks to technology — there are plenty of fitness trackers on the market that provide users with various data regarding their workouts. While you may be left feeling a little smelly after an intense workout, this fitness tracker is using the smell of the user’s breath to detect the amount of fat burned during a workout.

Called LEVL, the fitness tracker is setting itself apart from the ever-expanding market by using a breath sensor to detect when the body is burning fat for energy to help users make better decisions when it comes to their fitness journey.

The team at LEVL have spent five years developing the sensor, which measures the amount of acetone in the user’s breath. When the body is burning its energy supply, it is in what is known as the metabolic state called ketosis. Acetone is one of the byproducts of this metabolic state, which is released in our breath.

LEVL’s nanosensor detects acetone in the breath and measures how the user’s acetone concentration translated to fat burned in real-time via the accompanying app. Simply breathe into the device and the nanosensor will reveal the amount of fat burned.

(Photo : LEVL)

This provides a more reliable way to determine body fat burned since scales take into account fat, muscle and water weight.

The LEVL app will also allow users to make adjustments to their weight-loss routine, provide fat-loss data and informational data to further stay on top of their goals.

The LEVL device will be revealed at CES in January 2016.


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