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Microsoft Opens New York Studio to Showcase HoloLens Headset

by onkar

Microsoft is opening a studio in New York to showcase its upcoming HoloLens headset for inserting holograms into real-world settings.

At the studio, software developers will see a video and get hands-on demonstrations. One is a game in which you shoot hologram alien robots in front of you. Another shows the technology’s potential in presentations and sales, using a luxury watch as an example of how holograms can give potential customers more insights into features. A third demo highlights HoloLens’ graphical and editing capabilities.

The studio, announced Thursday, is located at Microsoft’s flagship retail store on Fifth Avenue. It won’t be open to the general public, though. Rather, software developers who want to preview the next-generation technology will have to make an appointment at https://www.microsoft.com/microsoft-hololens .

The idea is to get developers to start thinking of the technology’s potential. Microsoft had a traveling exhibit in 11 cities, and the company says all slots were booked within 90 minutes. The new studio in New York was designed as a long-term home for the demos.

Microsoft Corp. will start selling developers editions of the headset early next year for $3,000 (roughly Rs. 2 lakhs). There’s no release date for a consumer version yet.


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