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‘No internet and I must to pay to quit TalkTalk contract

by onkar

As a single parent I moved over to TalkTalk to save some pennies. Soon the internet connection completely dropped. I was no longer able to watch Netflix. More recently it just will not load at all.

GN, Fife

You had a difficult conversation with someone in customer services. The next time you rang you asked that your contract be cancelled at no cost because the service was not working.

You were told work was going to be done and would take 72 hours. If anything it made things worse.

You report that TalkTalk then said you could cancel without a termination fee only if the latest fault was not rectified within 28 days. Meanwhile you had no internet.

You were grappling with the aftermath of a bad accident involving a lorry in which you were the innocent party. You were in pain and soon succumbed to pneumonia. There were emails relating to the accident and your treatment to be dealt with but you could not access them.

• ‘TalkTalk can’t get my bills right’

• ‘TalkTalk wouldn’t fix internet and charged us £360’

The contract was for 18 months. TalkTalk told me: “We are sorry we could not fix a fault affecting Ms N’s service and have waived the fee for leaving the contract early.”

This though you felt was hardly a brilliant result as the 28 days you had been told about had already gone by. TalkTalk has refunded £32. Someone from the chief executive’s office called giving a direct number should you want to speak to TalkTalk again.

Wanting to clarify how to return the router, which had not fitted into the envelope provided for returning the view box, and to discuss the final bill you left five messages on the line’s answering machine. These were responded to only when I again contacted TalkTalk.

Now it has confirmed that the balance is zero and that you can keep the router.


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