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Pegboard Nerds ‘Emoji’ Video Explores Intersection Between Humans And Emojis For A Good Cause

by onkar

Pegboard Nerds - Emoji

The new video from electronic music duo Pegboard Nerds for its song “Emoji” features a creative low-tech take on the intersection between humans and emojis in everyday life. The video was directed by Partick Jean, whose short film Pixels inspired the Adam Sandler feature film of the same name.

The Pegboard Nerds are one of the most respected and innovative artists in electronic music. The Scandanavian duo has worked with some of the top names in the genre, performing and producing its own material as well as collaborating on remixes with the likes of EDM superstars like Skrillex and Krewella. The group’s moniker is actually an anagram of the last names of its two members, Alexander Odden and Michael Parsberg.

The duo’s “Pink Cloud” EP, released in October, has hit it big, reaching the #2 spot on the iTunes Dance Chart. Its bouncy, feel-good self-titled first single also helped it raise awareness for breast cancer, with sale proceeds from the project earmarked for the cause.

“Every dollar generated from our Pink Cloud EP, merchandise, and other campaign initiatives will go directly towards funding prevention, early detection and supporting those affected by cancer,” promises the duo. “We need all of your support in order to create awareness and raise money for this cause.”

Now, the Pegboard Nerds have released another song from the “Pink Cloud” EP, entitled “Emoji,” and this time, they have teamed up with illustrious director Patrick Jean to create an interesting and relatable video that offers a humorous and insightful take on the intersection of humanity and technology in today’s world.

Jean is famous for his 2010 short clip Pixels, in which animated video game characters from the past come to life in modern day New York City. While the ill-fated Adam Sandler feature film based on the idea was a flop, Jean’s award-winning initial work stands on its own, and now, he has helped support the Pegboard Nerds’ “Pink Cloud” cause by collaborating on the “Emoji” video. Watch below as Emoji Man exhibits a range of feelings while the seemingly inanimate world around him comes to life to join in and assure him that it’s all right to show your emotions.



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