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PumpTube Inflates Bicycle Tires While Riding

by onkar


Is there a more annoying feeling than having your relaxing bicycle ride halted by a flat tire?

Actually … there is, and that’s when you deal with slow leaks, many of which go undetected by riders until it’s just too late and you’re on the side of the road trying to fix the problem.

To battle slow leaks and keep tires in prime condition, an inventor has created a device that inflates itself as you ride.Inventor Benjamin Krempel’s PumpTube touts a one-way valve system, which attaches to the valve stem, injecting air from the atmosphere into the inside of bike tires.

Slash Gear explains that as a bicycle’s wheels roll, the PumpTube’s pump gets compressed, squeezing air into the inner tube of the tire. The website adds that when the air is forced out, a vacuum-like suction helps continue to pull in more air from the atmosphere, keeping your tires inflated.

To ensure that the tires don’t get over-inflated, riders can set the valve system to a certain pressure, where, once reached, no more air is allowed.

Giz Mag reports that PumpTube is aiming to launch a Kickstarter campaign in the New Year, once the device’s design has been perfected. It will reportedly be compatible with third-party 700c and 26-inch tires, while retailing for $30 to $55 per kit.

This product is the second such bicycle-tire pump device created by Krempel, with the first being the PumpTire. Krempel hopes this is the better mouse trap as far as keeping bike tires inflated go.


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