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Qubea’s Rever Is A 3D Printer For Kids: Get One For As Low As $219

by onkar

Rever 3D Printer

Qubea 3D has developed a 3D printer called Rever, which is specially designed for family use.

The Rever was launched on crowdfunding website Kickstarter and its goal is to raise $120,000 for going into production.

The demand for 3D printing has been growing very fast in the last few years but the cost of a 3D printer is an aspect that deters home users to buy one. However, customers can book their Rever 3D printer by pledging $219 on Kickstarter. Qubea also includes a cartridge as part of the deal so that so that customers can get started as soon as they install their 3D printer.

Only limited quantities of the printer are available at this price and the printer is expected to be shipped in June 2016.

“3D printing also has the potential to bring the joy of creativity to every home, but up till now, high cost, safety concerns and complex software have meant that having a 3D printer is not an option for most families. That’s why we designed the Rever – the world’s first affordable, safe family 3D printer,” per Rever’s Kickstarter page.

Customers who pledge $259 can get a Rever 3D printer and five cartridges, all in different colors. The retail price of this bundle will be $475 at launch.

The Rever will be a fun way of printing as the the 3D printer will include a translucent safety door through which kids can watch the printing process live in action. The door is easy to open with a simple tap, only after the printing has finished.

Customers of the Rever printer will be able to access The Qubea cloud platform, which has thousands of existing pre-made designs. These designs can also be edited and then printed. Qubea claims that it will continue to add more design in the future.

The Rever can be connected to an Android or iOS tablet or a smartphone wirelessly. The Rever can also print in offline mode, which means that there is no need for a mobile device that has given the print instructions to be connected to the printer all the time.


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