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Seiko Epson’s PaperLab Recycles Used Paper Into Fresh Sheets

by onkar


While the idea of recycling is a good one, unfortunately, it can be a bit of a logistical nightmare. To help change that, Seiko Epson has developed a new in-office paper recycling system called PaperLab, which can not only recycle paper in an office, but can do so without water.

The reason that PaperLab is such a great idea is because it not only helps companies recycle, but also helps them save money, especially considering the fact that paper is such a big part of so many companies. This should seriously help PaperLab take off, drastically increasing the number of companies that recycle in general.

Previously, paper recycling has required the shipping of discarded paper materials to facilities designed to manufacture paper. With PaperLab, however, waste paper is turned into clean paper in the same place that the waste paper is created in the first place. This also helps eliminate problems associated with the transportation of sensitive documents, which can be turned into clean paper on the spot.

The machine is able to turn paper into microscopic fibers before it creates entirely new sheets of paper. Because of this, sensitive documents are completely irretrievable. Not only that, but the system can create as many as 14 sheets per minute, which quickly adds up to 840 sheets per hour. The system can also create differently-sized paper sheets, with users being able to select the different sheet sizes.

It’s important to note that the machine really is designed more for office use right now, unless individuals want an 8.5-foot machine in their home. Seiko Epson hasn’t yet set a price for the PaperLab, and it will go on sale sometime next year.


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