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Sorry! We broke the internet. Again

by Loknath Das

A noticeably pleased Cosmos staff member* trying to fix the website after the crash. *Not actual staff member or actual way to fix a website.

We here at Cosmos would like to apologise, sincerely, to readers who may have jumped on to our website at times during the past couple of weeks and found it not working.

The reason for the outages is that we have been experiencing very large surges in readership. Our system is set up to be able to host big numbers of simultaneous visitors but recent interest has been so hefty that instances of what might be called “reader turbulence” have been generated, resulting in the system being temporarily overwhelmed.

The first time this happened we immediately bolted on extra capacity to make sure it wouldn’t happen again. But it did, because reader numbers continued to swell.

As a publisher, big boosts in reader numbers are in one sense a very welcome problem to have, but being unable to entertain all our visitors at once is both troubling and, we feel, impolite.

So we thank you for your patience! We have now installed so much extra grunt that if we weren’t using it we could lend it to NASA to run its next Mars mission.

Hopefully, therefore, from now you’ll be able to visit Cosmos and be sure of finding us every time. Unless you dare to try and break us again…


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