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Tech faculty have to update teaching skills

by Loknath Das


Come 2019 and the way students are trained in technical education institutions could change significantly as teachers in these institutions will have to come armed with updated teaching skills.
The All-India Council for Technical Education, that regulates technical education, is ready with a six-month faculty training programme that teachers in engineering and management institutions will have to undertake in order to join these institutes as faculties.

Officials in the AICTE, under the Union Ministry of Human Resources Development, said that the training programme has been developed keeping in mind the changing demands of the industry and the way faculty should adapt to those challenges.

“This programme is mandatory for institutions approved by the council,” a senior council official said. “Improving the faculty quality is one of the ways through which the government is trying to improve technical education, especially engineering education in the country.”

Sources said the training module has been developed by top faculties in Indian Institutes of Technology and other premier institutions.

New teachers will have to take the mandatory training to get a job and those who are already teaching will get training in order to get a promotion.

The AICTE aims to train and upgrade around five lakh faculty members in different technical colleges across the country through this programme in the next two to three years.

“It will be mandatory for all those who want to teach in AICTE-approved technical institutions to undergo the training before they take up the job, otherwise they will not be allowed to work,” another senior AICTE official said.

“The faculty members will be educated on ways to engage the students through videos and discussions. They must understand how to solve the problems of the students,” he said.


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