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The 4Ps of Online Marketing

by onkar


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The 4Ps of marketing have remained the guiding principle for marketers for several decades. However, with advancement in technologies of today’s digital age, the marketing landscape has totally transformed and so have the guiding principles for marketers.

For this article, we closely scrutinized the present state of the corporate sector and the approaches marketers can integrate in their marketing campaigns to get the most out of online marketing. From our studies, we have identified a latest list of the 4Ps of digital or online marketing: People, Performance, Programmatic, and Platforms.


It may appear common to state that people are the nucleus of marketing. With 40 percent of the world population on the Internet today, marketers are posed with both challenges and opportunities. No doubt, to create a strong impact, marketing communications must get to the consumers. When it comes to online marketing, the way to analyze your online market is through factors like impressions, traffic, cookies, and click through rates.

It is worth mentioning here that the Internet has empowered marketers to reach the target market with greater accuracy, and dispense a customized message to the people. The use of cookies is a cornerstone in reaching out to the people in today’s digital age.


In order to understand the total impact of online marketing, digital marketers must carry out a performance-based strategy that should integrate important factors like brand cognizance, interactive impression, sales lift, etc. These factors are more effective than other metrics like impressions and click-through rate.

A new string of comScore researches carried out in Europe unveiled the following optimistic online marketing campaign results:

1. About 52 percent increase in traffic to the website of companies that conducted online advertising performance measurement as compared to those that didn’t.
2. About 49 percent increase in branded search queries from consumers who were exposed to performance-based online marketing campaign than those who weren’t.


Programmatic audience obtaining is deemed as a great answer to the present digital challenges. This can be corroborated by the fact that the US programmatic ad revenues stood at $10.1 billion in 2014. It can cut cost and enhance targeting precision in addition to boosting return on investment. No matter how effective the benefits of programmatic, it is equally significant to keep correct and practical projections about the expected number of audience each ad would serve.

Transparency is very important in programmatic, and concurrent campaign transfer data and pre-bid comprehensions can offer the required transparency. According to a new study, 68 percent of marketers think that Data Management Platforms are crucial to for sustainability of programmatic marketing.


People are now accessing the Internet through a number of different platforms, such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops, and other digital devices. According to comScore, 184 million people in the US own smartphones. For marketers, this means an opportunity to target eyeballs on multiple platforms.

It is worth mentioning here that about 75 percent of the UK’s online population uses more than one device to access the Internet, mainly mobile devices. For marketers, this underlines the importance of focusing on different platforms in their efforts to get their messages across to consumers. It is also important to note that different platforms have different needs. For example, a website developed for PC will not display properly on a mobile device, and marketers must take these factors into account as well.

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