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The Holga Camera Is Officially Dead

by onkar

Girl With Holga Camera

In an age where apps like Instagram can make digital photos look like old-school Polaroids, the analog SLR cameras that originally produced physical photos are dwindling in popularity, or even witnessing their own demise. The latter is unfortunately the case for the Holga camera, which has officially discontinued it’s brand. “There is nothing available for sale,” said the company in a press release issued on Dec. 1.

Produced in Hong Kong, Holga was originally launched as an inexpensive 120 film format still photography camera to consumers in China. The all-plastic SLR’s design remained the same since its inception, producing sunburst-like photos years before it became artifact-like fodder for sale at places like Urban Outfitters, at the same time retaining its reputation as an artistic tool.

“Freestyle Photographic announced today that the factory that produces Holga Cameras has ceased operations and will no longer be producing these cameras and accessories,” said Gerald H. Karmele, the CEO of Freestyle Photographic, which manufactured the camera.

“A Holga Camera really is about creativity and unpredictability and a refreshing medium in today’s digital age. Holga outlived many other cameras but, as we have seen throughout the years, is yet another casualty of the digital age,” he added.

Holga products that are currently in stores will still be available for purchase, but once each respective retailer sells out, the stock will not be replaced.


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