Use Followerwonk to find authoritative guest bloggers and editors


For instance, if I type in “social media,” I get results that look like this:

One of the best ways to find out where influencers in your niche are guest blogging is to use a tool like Followerwonk. Here’s how: Go to the Search Bios section of Followerwonk, and select, ‘search Twitter bios.’ Searching here will allow you to comb through Twitter for users who include relevant, industry-related keywords in their bios.

This search doesn’t immediately give me what I was looking for. Instead, these appear to be bios for social media consultants and companies. This is where Followerwonk’s Social Authority filter comes in handy. Simply click on the Social Authority link at the top right of the results to show the most influential users first. Using this filter, I get results that look like this:

Followerwonk screenshot

























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