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Users Report Surface Book Issues: Battery Drains, Sleep Mode Problems, Freezing Keyboard And More

by onkar

Surface Book

Microsoft Surface Book has undoubtedly gained popularity with its impressive hardware capabilities. However, this also comes with a slew of bugs that the Redmond-based tech firm is trying to fix via firmware updates.

A number of Surface Book users took to the Microsoft Community forum to share problems they have encountered.

Here is a list of some issues users have reported.

Freezing Mouse And Keyboard

A few users share that they have a freezing keyboard and mouse when using the Surface Book for a long period of time.

While Microsoft already tried to provide a fix for the problem through the latest update, there are still some users who are experiencing this bug.

One user details the issue on the Microsoft Community forum.

“Today is my first day where i have worked about 6 hours on this new machine. The keyboard and mouse has locked up 4 times where i had to reboot the machine to get it working again,” says the user. “Last night it froze two times and today it froze four times. The onscreen keyboard would work but that is worthless when you’re actually working.”

To fix the problem, some users suggest to force shut down the laptop, which will then reset the Bluetooth connection. Another way is to try the “two-button shut down” by pressing and holding the volume up and the power button. Wait until the Surface Logo pops up before releasing both buttons.

Not Entering Sleep Mode Properly And Battery Drains

Some owners of the Microsoft device say that closing down the lid does not enter sleep mode correctly, making the laptop very hot. This then leads to battery drain.

“After work I closed the lid, threw it in my bag and headed home,” says another user. “When I got home I took it back out and it was warm to the touch and the battery was about 15 [percent] less (25 minute car ride).”

A few users suggest to head over to the Control Panel to enable hibernate mode when closing the laptop lid.

Specifically, go to the Control Panel to activate hibernate mode. From there, locate the Power Options, then head to the System Settings.

Back-Facing Camera ‘Freaks Out’

One user says the device’s back-facing camera “freaks out” although the front-facing shooter works perfectly fine.

“Using the stock ‘camera’ app, the entire display freaks out (flickers, etc) when it uses the back-facing camera,”says the user. “But when I click the swap-camera button for it to use the front-facing (selfie) camera, it’s just fine.”

He goes on to say that it’s the whole screen that flickers, not just the camera app. The problem happens every now and then, even when the camera app and Windows updates are applied.

‘Too Hot’ And ‘Pretty Loud’

Another user reports the Surface Book he purchased in late November is “always very warm and is pretty loud” when he is using it.

“I got it in late November and it has been through at least one update as far as I can remember,” says the user. “I am afraid it’s going to overheat.”

One user suggests to ensure all updates are applied.

Issue On Starting Up The Laptop

Another user reports that when he starts the computer, he usually gets the blue screen with “swirling white circle.”

“It does this until I hold down the power button for 30 seconds and do a hard reboot,” says the user. “This happens sometimes when it wakes up from sleep, but it almost always happens when I start up the computer after being powered down.”

Unstable Wi-Fi Connection

The same user shares another problem related to the laptop’s Wi-Fi connection.

“I will be working one minute, and the next the network connection is no longer active,” he writes.

He says that the only way to temporarily patch up the issue is by rebooting the laptop.

There are also issues related to the Surface Book, so let’s hope the company throws in an update to fix these bugs soon.


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